10 Best Indian Kajal Brands

For Indian ladies, make-up is not finished without using a kohl pencil or kajal. Few make-up artists have thought of new and inventive manners by which one can utilize kohl and make the eyes look increasingly expressive and excellent.

Kajal has the ability to upgrade your facial features. Which is the reason why women don’t forget to apply it on a daily basis. A single stroke of kohl can make your eyes pop out, expressive and beautiful.

Kajal is customarily made by blending galena,i.e, lead sulfide and other items. Hence, giving it a profound dark shade. Filled with elegance and mystery, Kajal has characterized and changed the women’s cosmetics field for quite a long time.

A simple touch-up is enough for almost all women and girls. Kohl, Kajal or Soorma as it is known in India, has held extraordinary significance for ladies. Women belonging from different financial status and age groups use it.

Despite whether a lady realizes how to do make up or not, a kohl pencil or kajal has dependably been a way to improve one’s look. With only a couple of strokes, it makes the eyes excessively alluring.

Prominent Indian actresses have been known for their utilization of Kohl pencils and dim eye cosmetics which has turned into a benchmark for Indian design and style.

Women are often times faithful towards a specific brand, yet there are numerous choices that are presently accessible in the market. So here is a rundown of the best kajal and kohl pencils that you could try out in order to look more eye-catching!

Best Kajal in India for Daily Use

Lakme Eyeconic Kajal

The Lakme Eyeconic Kajal emphasizes the excellence of your eyes to give you the most notable look. A single stroke of the Eyeconic Kajal improves your basic look to a more glamorous form. Lasts long enough and smudge-free. Be it gatherings, voyaging or a day-out use Lakme Eyeconic kajal.

This kajal by Lakme comes in various shades, for example, black, intensely black, brown, blue and white. The kajal skims easily over your eyes with no pulling while applying.

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Even if it lasts longer, you’ve to, however, re-apply it with regards to the waterline region. You can make an assortment of eyeliner looks utilizing this kajal pencil easily. In general, it’s an incredible item at a decent price.

Maybelline New York Colossal Kajal

An intense black kajal with profound dark mineral shading stays smirch evidence and waterproof Get Colossal Intensity and sharp definition that keeps eyes looking fresh.

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Supported with aloe vera – A characteristic fixing is known for its minding and relieving properties Infused with Vitamins C and E for eyes that look crisp throughout the day.

Elle 18 Eye Drama Kajal, Bold Black

The Elle 18 Eye Drama comes in a roll-on form which is durable and lasts long. This dermatologically tried kajal is exactly what you require for finishing your eye make-up. It’s smudge-free, waterproof kajal and makes your eyes expressive and stand-out more.

You can also experiment with your eye make-up with this kajal. It lasts as long as 12 hours without smudging and is totally water resistant. It is structured with a simple twisting arrangement.

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A single stroke of the Elle 18 Eye Drama upgrades your regular look to a professionally beautiful look. The Elle 18 Eye Drama goes best with your looks to be it a wedding, gathering and work look.

Line your upper and lower eyelid with a rich layer of the Elle18 Eye dramatization Kajal. Draw from the internal corner towards the external corner and join the line to frame an upward wing. Its size and saturating properties make this the ideal travel kajal for regular use.

Lakme Eyeconic Kajal, Turquoise

This is a similar product of the Lakme Eyeconic Kajal. It emphasizes the magnificence of your eyes with the Lakme Eyeconic Kajal. It’s a smudge-proof, waterproof kajal.

You can Experiment with a single stroke or a strong wing, this kajal is incredible for day and night looks. It’s durable up to 22 hours without smearing and is totally waterproof.

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It is structured with a simple twist-up setting. Only one stroke of the Lakme Eyeconic Kajal improves your basic look to a progressively classy look. The Eyeconic goes best with your Eyeconic mascara.

Blue Heaven

The Blue Heaven Kajal Liner with its new and improved quality accompanies Long wear, smudge-free concoction. Stored in a smooth retractable pencil. It is additionally furnished with a sharpener to give a further fine tip.

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This long-lasting kajal eyeliner provides the desired intense looks with a smooth application. The retractable kajal stick comes with a high intensity of colour that defines your eyes as well as your look. Very easy to carry and use. Comes with a detachable sharpener.

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It stays really long and you need to actually use a micellar to remove it. The blue and green colours are really amazing. Can be used as both liner and kajal.

You can easily apply this product for various events and on normal occasions as well. This is a decent and reliable product that comes at a decent price.

Colorbar Just Smoky Kajal

This kajal completes your eye make-up within seconds. The durable, performing various tasks pencil gives you the 3-in-1 advantages of eyeliner, kajal and eyeshadow.

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It helps you accomplish the ideal smokey eye and make it keep going for as long as 12 hours. It likewise accompanies an implicit smudger. The implicit smudger is as delicate as a pad which can be utilized to demystify the craft of smoky eyes. Additionally, accessible in 7 conceals.

It accompanies a The serious shading and matte surface of the pencil adds definition and show to your eyes. It has a waterproof property and smear.

Faces Magnet Eyes Kajal

Faces Cosmetics is a Canadian brand that offers an exclusive line of makeup, skincare products and personal care accessories.

This is a smudge-free product that lasts up to 16 hours straight. A chemical-free skin care product. Doesn’t cause any sort of irritation or infections. The Kohl is really good, as it’s a very thick and very dark shade of black.

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It is really easy to apply and if you are really good at applying liners then you can finish it with a single thick stroke. Use it for both lower and upper lid of the eye. Once again this is a cheap product that comes with great value.

Plum Natur Studio All Day Wear Kohl Kajal

This is an amazing kajal. It’s really pigmented. Even if you’ve actually got very watery and sensitive eyes. You can use this kajal. It doesn’t smudge at all. Lasts up to 3-4 hours on watery eyes. But stays even longer, up to 10 hours on normal eyes.

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It is a really dark and smudge-free product. Though the price is a bit on the higher side, it’s worth the money. It comes with a little sharpener that can be adjusted as per our needs.

Completely additive free, irritant free and ophthalmologically-tried safe kohl that is appropriate for contact lens wearers. This is said to be the first Kohl in India that is nature-friendly PVC-free barrel.

Himalaya Herbals Kajal

Make your eyes your more expressive with this kajal. Advanced with Damask Rose and Triphala, Himalaya’s homegrown Kajal joins customary fixings like Almond Oil and Castor Oil with Damask Rose for cooling and supporting the eyes.

This makes the eyes look brilliant and appealing. Almond Oil supports the lashes. Camphor helps in holding eye moisture, which helps keep the eyes hydrated. Castor Oil is an emollient or skin conditioner. It likewise goes about as a defensive hindrance between the skin and cruel natural conditions, for example, wind, residue and dry air.

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Damask Rose is known for its cooling properties, which help conquer eye strain. Triphala, a homegrown mixture of the Indian Gooseberry, Inknut and Beleric Myrobalan natural products, is an outstanding eye tonic. Its calming properties help diminish eye redness and swelling.

If you have oily eyelids then please avoid buying this product. This product doesn’t suit well on oily eyelids as it smudges easily and can cause eye irritation.

Revlon Kohl Kajal Eye Liner Pencil

This Revlon wooden pencil gives you a smooth, powdery finish. It’s easy to blend and contour. Adds an exact outline to eyes leaving a smooth matte finish.

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It’s highly pigmented and easy to use the product. Doesn’t smudge and lasts long. Comes with a free sharpener and available at a reasonable rate.


Above are some of the best kajal brands available in India. They are safe to use and come at reasonable prices. According to me the best brands of Kajal is Maybelline and Faces Cosmetics. Blue Heaven is also a good option, it’s a quality product and value for money.

Try doing your own research about other brands and their quality of kajals. Before buying any kajal it’s important to know your skin type. Like whether it’s oily or not and then buy the product accordingly.


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