The Best Exercise Cycles in India For Home Use

Everyone knows that cycling is the best aerobic exercise to keep you away from health issues like diabetes, stroke, heart attacks, and obesity. All these issues are fatal. But fun exercise like fun makes it easy to fight against these issues. But sometimes it is difficult to cycle somewhere and come back because of the time constraints in our hectic life. So, what’s the solution? Your solution lies in your gym. Everyone must have seen stationary cycles in the gym which has saddles, peddles and a screen monitor to show you your heart rate, work is done and other related things. So, if you want to grab one for yourself to do your exercise at home, we have listed the top 10 best exercise cycles in India. Take a look.

Best Stationary Exercise Cycling Machines in India

Aerofit Orbitrac cycle HF969

Aerofit Upright Magnetic Bike with Multi Read Out Display Time HF966 (Sf9066)

One of the best brands in the fitness industry is Aerofit. The cycle from this brand comes in dimensions of 37″ (L) x 24″ (W) x 48″ (H) with manual as well as belt break system.

Aerofit Orbitrac cycle HF969 has control knobs and hand pedals too. Its fiber wind wheel has a diameter of 430 mm with breaking resistance. On screen, it shows you time, speed, distance and calories burned. It has a limit of a maximum 100 kg user weight.

You should buy this because it is simple and self-explanatory to use. It makes no noise during its use and needs no maintenance.

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Powermax Fitness BU-205 Powermax Fitness BU-205 Exercise Cycle for Weight Loss at Home, Air Bike with back support and moving handles

The Powermax Fitness BU-205 is a portable and non-motorized stationery cycle and can be used at home. When you pedal the bike, it handles move back and forth. It displays time, speed, calories, and distance. Powermax Fitness BU-205 has a controllable knob which allows you to adjust the intensity of your workout. It also has a backrest.

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If you are below 100 kg, you can use this cycle. If you want to improve your cardiovascular strength, burn calories on this equipment. This will help to lower your high blood pressure and to reduce the quantity of bad cholesterol.

Whether you are amateur or professional, this machine shows no complications while in use.

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Cardio Max JSB HF115

Cardio Max JSB HF77 Orbitrac Magnetic Upright Fitness Bike Exercise Cycle (Orbitrac Exercise Cycle for Hand Legs Workout)

An assembly size (Cm) required for this stationary cycle is 100X60X158. It displays Time, Distance, Speed, Pulse, Calorie, Total Distance Travelled. Maximum capacity of this cycle is 100 Kg. It has 8 Level Tension Controller and backrest. Its peddles are non-skiddy and adjustable and that’s why even kids can use this under adult supervision.

Cardio Max JSB HF115 has a sidearm and mobile holder which makes it more user-friendly. Another advantage of this cycle is that it is foldable and hence saves a lot of space.

It usually comes with a warranty of one year. It is one of the best exercise cycles in India.

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Monex RU-709 Exercise Fitness Spin Bike

This cycle has some advanced exercise features. It has a robust design which leads to its long life and stability. It has 20 Kg flywheel.

Monex RU-709 Exercise Fitness Spin Bike comes with the manually adjustable handlebar. While using, keep this in mind that the height of the seat should be in level with the hip when you are standing next to the cycle.

The advantage of this height changing feature is that this cycle keeps you safe from any accident or injury that can be caused while using an exercise cycle. That will help you to be comfortable and confident. This cycles perfectly tones your body shape.

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Proline Fitness 335L

Proline Fitness 335L Recumbent Bike

Being one of the best fitness equipment manufacturers, Proline provides you with their stationary cycle with 8 levels of manual tension and flywheel of 5 Kg.

Proline Fitness 335L is operated with the help of a battery. 110 kg or below participant can use this cycle. To keep you motivates, its digital display keeps the record of calories burned. It has a hand grip sensor which helps you to monitor your heart rate so that you stay within the safe zone.

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Even if the ground level is uneven, don’t worry. This cycle has special machine called brush which is used for floor adjustment. What else do we need?

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Kobo OB-6 Exercise Bicycle

Kobo OB-6 Exercise Bike

This bicycle is unique because it has cycling as well rowing action feature. It comes with an adjustable tension knob and a digital monitor. This has a limit of 120 Kg.

Kobo OB-6 Exercise Bicycle can be used for cardiovascular exercises. This cycle also allows you to regulate the pressure according to your use. The twister that comes with this cycle helps you to relax your feet. The design of this cycle is strong.

The only problem about this cycle is it makes more noise than other cycles.

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Cockatoo Imported AB-01 Multi-Function Exercise Bike

Cockatoo Imported AB-01 Multi-Function Exercise Bike, Air Bike

You can bike, pedal, step and run and row on this cycle. It has large pedals with ridges so that your feet won’t skid. It displays speed, time, distance, calories, scan and hand pulse. You can adjust yourself up and down seat in this cycle.

Cockatoo Imported AB-01 Multi-Function Exercise Bike has four handlebars for extra support. Due to its sturdy design, you can work out for hours without being afraid of sudden dissemblance. It has a cushion seat that makes your workout more comfortable.

This cycle is the best for hips, thighs and to tone your body well. Cockatoo Imported AB-01 Multi-Function Exercise Bike is the best exercise cycles in India.

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Lifeline Exercise Cycle 102Lifeline Exercise Bike Combo (Black) with Gym Bag, Sweat Belt, Tummy Trimmer and Skipping Rope


This cycle is portable and non- motorized. This one is easy to operate and good for domestic use. The handle of this cycle does not move to and forth when you peddle.

In this cycle, it is easy to adjust the seat and handle position. It displays speed, time, distance, calories, scan and hand pulse. Lifeline Exercise Cycle 102 is actually a lifeline for your knees, joints, and ankles because it improves joint mobility. It also reduces your back problems.

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So, if your job involves sitting in front of computer the whole day, you must use this cycle.

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Cardio Max JSB HF78 (Magnetic Upright X Bike)Cardio Max JSB HF77 Orbitrac Magnetic Upright Fitness Bike Exercise Cycle


This is a slightly better version of Cardio HF 115. This comes with foldable design and 16 level tension controllers. It has a maximum weight capacity of 100Kg.

Cardio Max JSB HF78 comes with the pulse sensors which are located at handles. It has pedals with adjustable footsteps to rest your feet well. Cardio Max JSB HF78 also has backrest support and handles. It gives you smooth cycling experience with quality work out of your whole body.

It has adjustable height and it can be used by a person of any gender.

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Cockatoo Imported OB-04 (Cross Trainer Bicycle with Twister)

Cockatoo Imported OB-04 Cross Trainer Exercise Bike With Twister; Orbitrek

This is two in one elliptical twister and that is an advantage. This helps work out your whole body which helps in weight loss without any drastic change in your diet. Isn’t it amazing?

Cockatoo Imported OB-04 also helps to have elliptical and upper body workouts. It has 4-way seat adjustment with a sturdy design and steel frame design which makes this cycle comfortable as well as strong.

Maximum capacity of this cycle is 100Kg.

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Though all these cycles vary in some respects, their main function is to provide you the comfort of working out at your place. It must be difficult to choose one out of all these products so if you would ask us, we will suggest you buy the Cockatoo Imported AB-01 Multi-Function Exercise Bike because of its easy use, versatile nature, comfortable workout, sturdy design and a lot of safety.

So, what are you waiting for?
Get started with your fun exercise equipment and stay healthy!


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