Best Face Moisturizer for Dry Skin

5 Best Face Moisturizer for Dry Skin

We have all struggled with that dry, tight and flaky skin at this time, every year. While you could try to remedy it with some makeup, it only hurts when you can’t get a perfect finish because of how cakey your foundation ends up getting on your skin. What’s worse is the pain of living with the overbearing fear of getting wrinkles sooner than others your age because of the lack of moisture that is essential to keep your skin healthy. We are here with the best face moisturizer for dry skin to use this winter.

What is Dry skin?

Dry Skin Explaination

Dry skin is a very common skin condition characterized by a lack of the appropriate amount of water in the most superficial layer of the skin, the epidermis. While dry skin tends to affect males and females equally, older individuals are typically much more prone to dry skin. The skin in elderly individuals tends to have diminished amounts of natural skin oils and lubricants. Areas such as the arms, hands, and particularly lower legs tend to be more affected by dry skin.

Environmental factors, such as humidity and temperature, have a profound effect on the amount of water retained within the skin. For example, cold, dry air when heated by a furnace will produce dry skin by evaporating moisture on the skin. Frequent hand-washing and sanitizing causes evaporation and dryness. Dry skin may also be a side effect of some medications as well as a byproduct of certain skin diseases.


The epidermis is normally composed of fat (lipid) and protein. The lipid portion of the epidermis along with specific epidermal proteins (for example, filaggrin) help prevent skin dehydration. When there deficient proteins and/or lipids the skin moisture evaporates more easily. As skin becomes dry, it also may become more sensitive and prone to rashes and skin breakdown. The medical term for dry skin is xerosis. Simple prevention and treatment measures are very effective in the treatment of dry skin.

Basic dry skin prevention steps include avoidance of harsh soaps and chemical cleansers. Treatment generally requires more frequent and regular applications of bland emollients and moisturizers. Untreated, dry skin may result in complications, including, eczematous dermatitis, secondary bacterial infections, cellulitis, and skin discoloration. Fortunately, dry skin is usually mild and can be easily remedied.

But there is a very simple solution to all of these issues. I bet you know what I’m getting at. Yes, that’s right—moisturizer. Following, I’ve put together a list of the 5 best face creams for dry skin available in the market.

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Quality moisturizers can help soothe and repair dry, itchy, and irritated skin.

But with so many moisturizers on the market, how do you find one that works for you? It usually comes down to a matter of personal preference. You may choose to have a few on hand to suit your various needs.

That is exactly why this article is so useful. We’ve listed 5 of all the best Face Moisturizers for Dry Skin after personally testing, using, and marking each and every one of them.

All of the products below are listed after keeping affordability and all different types in perspective.


The following are 5 Best Face Moisturizers for Dry skin.

1. Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser
Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, 250ml

About the moisturizer:

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser cleanses without irritation to leave your skin soft and smooth. This mild, soap-free formula removes dirt, makeup, and impurities and also helps retain skin’s moisture It is a water-based and non-comedogenic (does not block pores) formulation. Thoroughly and gently massage the cleanser over your face, then rinse off or wipe off with a cotton pad or soft tissue for gentle yet effective cleansing. It is the best face moisturizer for dry skin to use this winter.

Features of Cetaphil:

  • Soothing, non-irritating cleanser ideal for face, hands, body
  • Helps Skin retain its moisture
  • Skin friendly pH balanced
  • Can be used with or without water
  • Non-comedogenic (Moisturizes without leaving a residue that can clog pores)
  • Fragrance-free
  • Dermatologist recommended
  • Soap-free
  • Fragrance-free
  • pH-balanced
  • Helps retain skin’s natural moisture barrier
  • Use with or without water
  • Can be used as a light make-up remover


2. Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Body Moisturizer

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Body Moisturizer
Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Body Moisturizer (for Dry Skin), 250ml

About the moisturizer:

This Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Body Moisturizer is just what you need to keep your skin soft, supple and adequately moisturized. Specially formulated with skin-friendly ingredients, this moisturizer locks in the required amount of moisture and instantly hydrates dry or rough skin for a smooth, beautiful look. It has a non-greasy formula that spreads evenly on the skin and leaves it looking healthy and silky soft. With its mild yet delightful fragrance, this face moisturizer is a perfect way to stay fresh from morning to night. This glycerin-rich moisturizing cream can be used by both men and women. It is dermatologically tested and is ideal for use on normal to dry skin.

Features of Neutrogena:

  • All day 24 hr moisturization
  • Immediately hydrates rough skin
  • For dry, rough skin
  • Glycerin-rich, Non-Greasy
  • Dermatologist tested
  • For Dry Skin


3. Lacto Calamine Daily Face Care Lotion

Lacto Calamine Daily Face Care Lotion Oil
Lacto Calamine Daily Face Care Lotion Oil Balance for Combination to Normal Skin, 120ml


Features of Lacto Calamine:

  • Daily nourishing lotion
  • For dry to normal skin
  • With Kaolin and Aloe Vera
  • Healthy and glowing skin


4.  Lotus Herbals Alphamoist

Lotus Herbals Alphamoist Alpha Hydroxy Skin
Lotus Herbals Alphamoist Alpha Hydroxy Skin Renewal Oil Free Moisturiser, 80ml

About the moisturizer:

The Natural Way To Supple, Glowing Skin. Lotus Herbals Alphamoist Alpha Hydroxy Skin Renewal Oil Free Moisturizer makes your skin so soft and supple that you won’t be able to stop touching it! Loaded with natural goodness of almond oil and aloe vera, this moisturizes absorbs easily into your skin to deliver intense moisturization. This winter make dry skin a thing of the past as you treat your skin to the nourishing care of this natural body lotion.

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Almond Oil

Almond Oil is loaded with vitamin E which helps fight free radicals and protects your skin from external damages. It is also rich in vitamin A which helps reduce acne and control breakouts leaving you with beautiful, flawless skin.

Basil Leaf extracts

Basil leaf extract is loaded with antioxidant, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties which breathe new life into dull, tired looking skin. It lightens skin tone and reduces skin blemishes. It also wards off obvious signs of premature ageing by tightening skin pores.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a natural astringent which soothes and distress your skin. It is packed with essential vitamins and minerals which breathe new life into dull, tired looking skin. Aloe Vera forms a protective layer over your skin which seals in essential natural oil and protects your skin from damage from external environmental elements and pollutants.

Features of Lotus Herbals:

  • Keeps skin soft and supple
  • Delivers intense nourishing moisturization
  • Has a lightweight, non-greasy formula which absorbs easily into your skin
  • Does not cause breakouts
  • Leaves your skin with a healthy, vibrant glow


5. The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream

The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream
The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream, 50ml

About the moisturizer:

The antioxidant power of vitamin e in this moisture cream helps prevent premature aging and damage from free radicals one of the body shop’s products worldwide our vitamin e moisture cream works with any skin type we use community fair trade ingredients so you can feel confident with the quality of our products and this allows our suppliers to build better futures for themselves and their communities we have never tested our products on animals and we insist that all our suppliers have not tested their ingredients on animals for cosmetic purposes. It is one of the best face moisturizers for dry skin to use this winter.

Features of The Body shop Vitamin E:

  • The body shop vitamin e moisture cream
  • Moisture cream helps prevent premature aging
  • Never tested our products on animals





The Takeaway

Dry skin problems are definitely among the worst, but a little bit of care with the right products can provide your skin with long-lasting hydration. Have you tried any of these face creams for dry skin? If yes, which according to you is the best face moisturizer for dry skin?

Tell us about your experience in the comments below!

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