best makeup removers in India

Best Makeup Removers In India

It’s essential to remove your makeup with makeup remove before cleansing. This will prevent clogged pores, pimples and breakouts and ensure that you clean your face properly bank said, If you have oily or combination skin, use a cleanser or face wash with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide.

Everybody loves dramatic eye makeup; especially as us Indian women grew up wearing kajal. But taking it all off can be a pain. We will never stop wearing a Smokey eye, so might as well get you one of the best eye makeup removers that will get it all off in a single swipe.

best makeup removers in India

Garnier skin naturals Micellar cleansing Bi phase water:

The go-to remove for every makeup rookie, and a lot of pros, Garnier brought Micellar water to India at such an affordable price; it actually is a very good option, and one of our top recommendations.


Micellar water is a combination of purified water, hydrating ingredients, and low concentration of very mild surfactants. These surfactants group together in the water, into microscopic balls called micelles and attract all the dirt and oil.

Price: 224

Biotique Bio almond oil soothing face and eye makeup cleanser:

This is a soothing face and eye makeup cleanser that works for normal to dry skin, and leaves it feeling fresh. It is all natural, so if you like your products chemical free, this is a good bet. Since it is mild, you can actually use it as a normal cleanser by adding it to cotton pads or a face cloth and gently wiping over your face twice a day, morning and evening.

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Bioderma sensibio H2O:

The bioderma sensibio water micellar water is actually the ideal eye makeup remover. It works really well on sensitive skin, and our eyes are pretty much the most sensitive part of your body. It does a lot of multitasking, and is great for normal to dry skin. It happens to be manufactured in France, in case you were feeling a little iffy about the price.

Price: Rs. 841

L’Oreal Paris Dermo expertise lip and eye makeup remove:

This is a gentle makeup remove for eyes and lips and is also suitable for sensitive eyes. It wipes off long wear and waterproof makeup, and is infused with vitamins to leave your skin softened.

Price: 285

Neutrogena oil free eye makeup remover:

This was designed specially for removing eye makeup. It helps remove all sort of makeup, even the intense liners and waterproof mascara. It has dual phase oil-free liquid which activates when shaken. So remember to shake the bottle before use. It is gentle and non-greasy on the skin.

Price: 337

Forest essentials make up remover oil:

This is not strictly an eye makeup remover, but it is 100% natural, which makes it one of the best options for using on our eyes. It has fresh organic oils that have been infused with flowers and herbs scent. It removes the makeup gently, so your eyes will thank you for this natural option.

Price: Rs. 649

Maybelline total clean express eye and lip make up remover:

This remove has a powerful bi-phase formula that works to removes even waterproof makeup, and leaves the skin feeling soft. It has fast acting dissolving agents which instantly break down different types of eye makeup, including stubborn mascara and eyebrow products.

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Price: Rs. 225

Colorbar ultimate makeup remover:

Ultimate crème makeup remover dry skin. Oily and combination ultimately make up remover-effective yet a bit oily. Its works good on dry skin so I think it’s not really meant for oily skin. Sensitive skin ultimate make up remover meant for oily skin. Sensitive skin ultimate make up remover very effective. Ultimately makeup remover effective, but it irritates the eyes a bit.

Price- Rs. 99

Mac gently off eye and lip makeup remover and Mac cleanse off oil:

This one is lightweight and gentle and totally worth the money you spend on it. Price- Rs. 1400 for 100ml

For something called oil, it is not at all oily rather it leaves the skin fresh in just two pumps. It is a great make-up dissolver. Plus it is absolutely 100 percent mineral free.

Price: Rs. 1600 for 150ml

Forest essentials delicate facial cleanser-purifying soya milk

This all natural facial cleaner that comes with a soothing lavender fragrance, is an excellent make up remover. It is nonoily, but is a very good moisturizer at the same time.

Price: Rs. 950 for 200ml.

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