15 Best Protein Powders Available in India 2019

What is Protein Powder?

Protein powder is a well known dietary supplement. Protein is a basic macronutrient that enables muscle regeneration, fix tissue, and make chemicals and hormones. Utilizing protein powder may likewise help weight reduction and help individuals tone their muscles.

Several types of protein powders are available. Including dairy-based and plant-based powders. In this article, we will discuss the best protein supplement in India without side effects.

Protein powders are dietary enhancers, that contain a high level of protein. The protein is acquired from a wide range of nourishment sources, including:

  • Rice
  • Egg
  • Milk
  • Pea
  • Hemp
  • Soy
  • Cranberry
  • Artichoke

Alongside protein, other nutrients, minerals, dried out vegetables or herbs, extra fats, grains, fibre, as well as thickeners are added in it. These items, as a rule, contain obvious measures of sugars and fat; they’re regularly viewed as Meal Replacement Powders rather than straight protein.

Most protein powders are processed supplements. They should be refined so they don’t pose a flavour like trash and have a long, stable time span of usability.

Health Benefits of Protein Powders.

Weight control

Eating protein-rich nourishment and taking supplements may help suppress your appetite. Feeling full in general will force you to eat smaller servings of a meal. That can enable an individual to keep up a sound weight or get thinner if essential.

It might likewise decrease blood pressure, cholesterol, and other hazard factors for cardiovascular diseases.

Muscle development

Protein is fundamental for muscle development. Numerous competitors and workout fans drink a protein shake. Since they accept that these beverages will enable them to beef up after gymming.

Protein supplementation is equally beneficial for men and women. But, the adequacy may diminish with age, as grown-ups have higher protein prerequisites than the younger generation.

Recuperation after exercise

Along with muscle development, protein can help fix damaged muscles and tissues. Accordingly, athletes may utilize protein powder to accelerate recuperation from muscle soreness after exercise.

Numerous examinations report that taking protein supplements after exercise can help recuperation by decreasing muscle harm and improving muscle performance and muscle protein synthesis.

Extra nourishment

The suggested day to day admission of protein for persons 19 years and above, the average protein intake is 46 g for women and 56 g for men.

Athletes, weight lifters, old people, and individuals with chronic diseases may need to surpass the general protein consumption suggestion.

Research demonstrates that spots persons with an extraordinary training routine should double the protein intake. In order to improve their strength and endurance.

Types of Protein Powders.

Protein powders are rich providers of proteins. They are generally extracted from plants and animals, for example, dairy, eggs, rice or peas.

The three basic types are:

Protein concentrates

Produced by separating protein from entire nourishment with the help of heat and acid or enzymes. They provide approximately 60–80% protein. The rest of the 20–40% consists of fat and carbs.

Protein Isolates

This type of protein powder is the refined form of the previous type. Here, the remaining fat and carbs have been removed. Leaving with around 90–95% protein.

Protein hydrolysates

Produced by excess heating of the concentrate with acids or enzymes. This breaks the bonds between amino acids. Resulting in hydrolysates. These hydrolysates are easily synthesised by your body and muscles.

Different Protein Powder Compositions.

This will help you select your ideal protein powder, for your consumption.


This water-solvent milk protein is well known among athletes. It contains the majority of the amino acids that the human body requires nourishment. The body assimilates whey protein rapidly and effectively.


This kind of protein is high in glutamine. An amino acid that may accelerate muscle recuperation after exercise. Casein originates from dairy, making it intolerable for vegans and individuals with lactose intolerance. The body processes this protein even slowly, so it might be ideal to take it around evening time.


Soy protein is an incredible option in contrast to whey or casein for individuals who don’t like milk. It additionally contains all the fundamental amino acids.


Many plant-based protein powders contain pea protein, which is an amazing option in contrast to soy-and dairy-based proteins. Pea protein is a decent source of the amino acid, arginine.


Hemp seeds are finished proteins that additionally contain basic unsaturated fats. It is an amazing alternative for vegans or those with dairy or soy allergies.


Egg protein powders are regularly produced using egg whites instead of entire eggs. In spite of the fact that the protein quality stays magnificent, you may still feel a little hungry. This is due to the fact that high-fat yolks have been taken out.

Like every animal produce, eggs are a total protein source. That implies they give each of the nine essential amino acids that your body can’t make itself.

Best Protein Powder for Women

Here are some of the best-suggested protein powders for women. These health supplements will not only help you reduce weight, but will also help in strengthening your muscles and overall health.

Boldfit Super Women’s Whey Protein Powder For Women

Super ladies’ whey will enable you to meet your day to day protein dosage. Super Women’s whey contains Biotin that will enable you to have thicker hair, gleaming skin and sparkly nails.

Each scoop of Super Women’s Whey contains 24 grams of unadulterated grass-fed whey protein. Giving you the ideal portion of protein after exercise. Each scoop of whey likewise contains 6.25 grams of normally happening BCAAs and 4.65 grams of Glutamine.

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Super Women’s Whey has zero sugar and is normally sweetened with the ayurvedic herb called stevia.

The item has different mixes that help you with your health. Filled with lots of brilliant whey protein, and hair, skin, and nail reinforcing biotin. Also, has hormonal balance mix, Digestive mix. This low sugar, low carb protein powder guarantees you get the most ideal outcomes for your body.

HealthKart SlimShake Meal Replacement

HealthKart SlimShake is a sensible and nutritious approach to oversee weight without relinquishing health. The delectable Kesar Pista Badam flavoured shake serves 14g Protein, 4g Fiber, 27 nutrients and minerals for each serving when blended with 300ml skimmed milk.

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When you supplant HealthKart SlimShake with a normal Indian dinner and you wind up sparing in excess of 700 calories. Each scoop will suppress your appetite for 4-5 hours. A consequence of concentrated logical research HealthKart SlimShake is free from symptoms and a sound, nutritious approach to look after weight.

NOURIZA Women’s Protein with Calcium, Iron and Dha, Chocolate

This protein powder is useful for regular use. Effectively dissolvable in water and can be added to any hot or cold beverages that you would typically take in the morning. Simply ensure that the powder is completely dissolved in water or whatever beverage you are taking it with.

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This is a multi-mix of supplements. It ensures to fulfil all nutrient deficiencies. As it contains 15 g of protein per serving. Acquired specifically from whey, soy, and micellar casein. With 180 mg of calcium per serving, this protein supplement may help fortify the bones, teeth, and mental wellbeing. Contains 5.10 mg of iron per serving which may help avoid anaemia. Includes 20 amino acids and Vitamin D which helps in increasing bone density and boosts your health.

Contains DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) which directs the cholesterol levels in the body and may improve age-related vision loss.

myDaily Lean Protein for Women

This is a regular beverage for all ladies and not just for gym-goers, sports individual or sprinters. Protein is fundamental for our everyday digestion. With zero added sugar and no aspartame. myDaily Lean Women Whey Protein conveys about 21 gm of protein for every sachet, with 100% ingestion and usage as it contains a multi-catalyst blend DigeZyme. This multi-compound blend likewise helps in absorption.

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Filled with nutrients ike Calcium, Iron and Vitamins B and D. These alongside protein help in everyday digestion helping you accomplish more slender, conditioned the body and furthermore in getting more youthful-looking excellent skin, hair and nails.

Additionally, remember to get the complete free eating regimen consultation with each protein pack you buy. Since we trust in ensuring, you accomplish your wellness objectives.

Ladies hoping to get a conditioned body should blend 1 parcel (28g) in 150-180 ml water and take 1-2 shakes every day. What’s more, can be your smoothie, shake or treat fixing!

It’s not only for substantial lifters or energetic sorts. It’s your day by day, fundamental protein drink. Use it whenever during the day. The best time is generally the mornings or after a work-out or a game or a run.

Kapiva Clean Protein 100% Vegan Nutrition Powder

The Clean Protein is a vegetarian sustenance protein powder that is 100% plant-based, without gluten nourishment powder. Comes with the complete amino acid profile. This herbal powder does not contain any artificial additives and sugar. This nourishment powder is wealthy in basic supplements, nutrients, minerals and proteins which help make your body strong and sound. It helps in keeping your pulse under check and supports heart wellbeing.

This powder contains plant protein which helps in significant metabolic procedures in your body. The sustenance that is expended when appropriately separated discharges crude vitality that is required for the body’s everyday capacities. This sustenance powder helps expel toxic waste from the intestinal tract. It improves the working of the resistant framework and shields the body against normal diseases.

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Our item is wealthy in amino acids which help in structure centre muscles. This nutritious powder offers various medical advantages and keeps up the sentiment of completion which averts mid-feast cravings for food which aides in weight the executives. Pea protein is said to be gut solid which helps in adjusting glucose levels and keep up vitality for the duration of the day.

Hi-Protein Slim Meal-Shake by Saffola FITTIFY Gourmet

At Saffola FITTIFY Gourmet, we put stock in adding sustenance to your nourishment and flavour to your life. With this proverb, our range has been deliberately made by nutritionists and curated by gourmet expert Kunal Kapur to join the best of taste and wellbeing.

Saffola FITTIFY Gourmet Hi-Protein Slim Shake is a sound and heavenly feast substitution shake. At the point when supplanted with a customary feast, you devour up to 70% fewer calories and half everyday nutrient sustenance.

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This item is of excellent quality. It has been made by nutritionist and curated by gourmet expert Kunal Kapur. The powder has 70% fewer calories and half of the everyday nutrient nourishment. Also, it contains 5 plant-based superfoods like turmeric buckwheat moringa amaranth that help to oversee weight adequately. Doesn’t contain gluten or included additives. Is a great way to deal with our weight.

Myprotein Impact Whey Isolate

Increase less fatty muscles and decrease your recuperation time. Causes you to get more grounded quicker.

Effect Whey Isolate from MyProtein is a next-generation protein mix that furnishes competitors of all experience levels with the fuel they have to expand execution.

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Blend with milk or water for the best impact. It’s ideal for individuals who need to manufacture muscle without increasing fat. Take 30-an hour prior to practice or between dinner times.

MyProtein is a premium nourishing brand that fabricates more than 2,500 brilliant items. It’s a range that supports everybody from apprentices to proficient competitors with top-notch fixings and forefront dietary mixes, nourishment items, hydration helps rec centre embellishments, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Best Protein Powder for Men

Nouriza My First Protein

Nouriza My First Protein gives 9.6g of protein per serving which is extracted from a protein mix of Whey, Soy, and Casein. This mix provides protein for extended periods of time and limits muscle loss.

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Made for the calorie-conscious, this protein supplement is free from any added sugar and trans fats. Made with 27 nutrients and minerals to help connect the nourishment gap caused by the hurried way of life and poor dietary patterns.

Advance Muscle Mass High Protein Mass Gainer Supplement Powder

This Mass gainer is mixed with whey concentrate protein, Creatine and Glutamine and fat derivatives. It is perfect for both beginners just as serious mass addition mentors. It helps in confining the abrupt ascent in glucose levels, and lift muscle improvement. 27 crucial supplements present in this enhancement invigorate biochemical responses to extinguish muscle weariness after exercise. The chocolate flavour makes it delectable and good for admission.

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The whey protein is a blend of globular proteins isolated from whey. It helps in picking up muscle quality and losing fat.

Whey protein contains a mind-blowing scope of fundamental amino acids, which are retained rapidly. In this way they effectively give quality.

This High Protein Mass Gainer Supplement Powder ought to be taken with breakfast, post-exercise and before resting or as suggested via Trainer. Consume 3 times each day with your typical eating routine at any rate multi-month normally to see the weight and bulk addition impact.

MuscleBlaze Creatine Monohydrate Powder

Improves quality and power. Muscleblaze micronized creatine monohydrate is a perfect wellspring of unadulterated, unadulterated, pharmaceutical-grade creatine monohydrate. It assimilates in a flash in your body to give a nonstop supply of vitality to your muscles.

With each serving, you get 5g of unadulterated creatine monohydrate that improves your athletic exhibition by rapidly resynthesizing ATP during high force exercises. It likewise invigorates protein combination to enable you to achieve slender bulk. Muscleblazetm micronized creatine monohydrate is 100% unadulterated without any fillers included.

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It, in this way, is a perfect post-exercise supplement to improve your quality and power.

Don’t consume it, if you are experiencing kidney failure, cardiovascular or hepatic disease. Not suggested for youngsters, counsel a doctor in case you are experiencing suspected ailments like diabetes, hypoglycemia or you are taking other drugs.


Optimum Nutrition is one of the best food supplements. Each shake stirs up easily utilizing only glass and spoon and tastes reliably great. The amino acids in protein are the structure squares of the muscle protein blend. A whey protein shake expended previously or after exercise enables kick-to to begin this recuperation procedure.

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Not proposed as a sole wellspring of nourishment. Try not to use for weight decrease. This item contains whey got from dairy and lecithin (to improve mixability) got from soybeans. This item is named to United States norms and may contrast from comparable items sold somewhere else in its fixings, naming and allergen alerts

Muscletech Performance Series Nitrotech Whey Gold 

MuscleTech scientists inspected various clinical preliminaries on whey peptides, and the science demonstrates that whey peptides can advance quick recuperation from exercise and even help an insulinogenic reaction for improved supplement conveyance.

Alongside small scale separated whey protein confine in addition to whey concentrate, Nitro-Tech 100% Whey Gold conveys predominant assimilation, absorbability and mixability. Each scoop presents 24g of ultra-premium protein that provisions 5.5g of BCAAs and 4g of glutamine and antecedent.

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This implies you are getting a super-unadulterated, quickly retained and immediately processed whey protein powder that enables you to recoup quicker, form increasingly fit bulk and show signs of improvement results from your instructional meetings.

Whey peptides have one of the most noteworthy natural qualities (BV) of any protein source, a value given to protein sources to quantify how well they are retained and utilized by the body.

Proburst Raw Whey Protein Powder

 Proburst Raw Whey Protein sets a higher benchmark of execution for other protein supplements. 30g of this crude whey protein conveys each wellness fans unsweetened whey protein.

As it accompanies a nonpartisan tasting creation, the wellness lover has the adaptability to include enhanced according to their decision. Each pack of Proburst Raw Whey Protein experiences a few protein substances for each serving.

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This is a decent protein at the cost. It might need season yet it has filled in as one of the points of interest for individuals. It blends well and can be expended in a moment or two. Furthermore, it processes truly quick as a whey should. By and large proposal, one should attempt it as it has a decent outcome.

DREXSPORT – Wild Muscle – All Natural Lean Mass Gainer Protein Powder

Wild Muscle Has a Natural Delicious Chocolate Taste, Color and Smell Without Any Artificial Ingredients or Chemicals. You Only Get Great-Tasting, Responsibly-Sourced, All-Natural Muscle Building Powder without a doubt! We Know You’ll Love the Results You See and the Way You Feel with This Powerful Formula!

If you’ve always been fascinated about gaining muscles and you’re reluctant in trying out different unnatural methods. 

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The taste of drexsport is quite easy on the mouth. It is quite amazing because it is devoid of any artificial sweetener or similar kinds of stuff and still it tastes quite good. If you’ve been using it for one straight month, then you must have started to feel a difference in your muscle quantity.

Another very positive effect of this product is its dissolving feature. As it mixes pretty well with milk and pretty okay with water too. However, it feels quite good having it with milk rather than water.

Dymatize ISO 100 Whey Protein Powder

Dymatize proteins are based on the most recent science. These supplement powders are fabricated in GMP and Sport Certified offices, implying that all fixings and final items are thoroughly tried and approved spotless and safe. They are restricted substance tried for competitor’s consolation by Informed-Choice.

100% of the protein guaranteed per serving is gotten from high calibre, unadulterated, unblemished proteins. We don’t amino spike.

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ISO 100 is basically muscle-building fuel. Each serving contains 25 grams of protein and 5.5g of BCAAs including 2.7g of L-Leucine. Known worldwide for quality, taste and virtue, ISO100 is delivered to our most noteworthy quality models. ISO100 is planned to utilize cross-stream microfiltration, a multi-step cleansing procedure that jelly significant muscle-building protein portions while evacuating abundance sugars, fat, lactose and cholesterol. ISO100 is made with pre-hydrolyzed protein sources to guarantee quick processing and ingestion.

The Takeaway

Whey protein is an astoundingly solid approach to add more protein to your eating routine. It’s a quality protein source that is consumed and used effectively by the human body.

This is especially significant for competitors, jocks or individuals who need to pick up bulk and quality while losing fat.

With regards to muscle increase and fat misfortune, protein is the lord of supplements. Whey protein is by all accounts far better than different types of value protein.


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