The Best Recliners in India To Buy Online

Imagine yourself coming home after a tiring day at work and sinking into your recliner. With a touch of a button you can lie down on your back, another touch and your legs lift up. The comfort and relaxation are unmatched. The euphoria of exalted satisfaction you get by immersing into the warmth of soft sinking on a couch is what recliners are all about. They are a luxury only a few wise ones of us invest in. if you are one of those people who keep value their comfort more than anything else then read on to find out the best recliner in India and gift yourself this beauty of relaxation on your birthday.

With the number of models ranging in different mechanisms, the number of seats, different materials used etc flooding the market it is indeed a mammoth task to select the one that is best suited for your needs. Before you go to selecting the recliners you need to know some basics that will help you in your purchase, after all, it is an investment that is going to stay with you for a long time so it ought to be a wise one.

A recliner is an armchair or couch that leans back when the person tilts down the seat’s back and elevates its front. It has a backrest that can be tilted back, and a hassock that might be stretched out by a switch, for the seat. Or may expand naturally when the back is leaned back.

A recliner is otherwise called a leaning back seat, lounger and an armchair.

Present-day recliners generally highlight a customizable headrest, lumbar help and an autonomous footstool that changes with the weight and point of the client’s legs to amplify comfort. Extra highlights incorporate heat radiation, massaging and vibration. A few models are wheelchair available.

Recliners can also adjust to a semi-recumbent position as well. This is for resting purpose and is available in planes, trains and at homes also.

How to Select the Best Recliner?


Depending upon the room and place you will physically place the recliner you need to keep in mind an appropriate size. Most of them have a back which leans backwards so it occupies a lot of space. Before going to a shop and trying on recliners think about the measurements and size to make the most of your space.

Number of Seats:

Recliners range from one-seater to two-seaters to three-seaters, decide if you need it just for yourself or it is going to be a family asset before making your purchase. You don’t want your wife to hogging on the seat all the time after all.


The best recliners in India can cost a bomb so you need to select a price range or budget that you are willing to spend. Keep in mind do not go for a recliner just because its cheap and comfortable, another expensive model might be more durable so check your options according to budget before making your purchase.


There are a number of features that need to check off such as are you looking for a mechanized one or a manual recliner? How much lumber do you need? Are you looking for extra support in the form of an adjustable neck and headrest? It is important to decide all this before choosing the right recliner for you.


There are several types of recliners available in the market right now such as Rocker Recliner: works as both a rocking chair and a recliner, Lift chair recliner: a little more expensive, comes with a motorized mechanism to push up the chair from its base, Massage recliners: most expensive one of all, also gives massages and has heating option too.

Depending on the number of recliners flooding the market now it is nothing less than a mammoth task to find the one that is just right for you. To make this task simpler we have prepared this buying guide to help you select the model which suits your needs, so here is our list of best recliners in India.

Before that let us go through some of the types of recliners in India available currently.

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Different Types of Recliners

There exists a vast variety of recliners and reclining chairs each with different features and functions serving specific or wide-ranging purposes.

So in this article, I am going to try and give you information on all the common and not so common types of best recliners in India that you can get. This in turn, should you want to purchase a recliner, will enable you to make a well-explored decision.

Types Of Recliners Available In India:

The Two Position Recliner

This is no doubt the most reasonable, yet most restricted recliner you will discover.

As the name mentions, this is a two-position recliner, which has just two positions; upstanding, or totally leaned back. When you discharge the hassock of the recliner, with a switch, the seat back will move back with your body weight.

Remember that you will require adequate space adjustment. That’s to ensure whether the recliner can lean back and stretch sufficiently.

You will certainly discover this kind of recliner anyplace and available in overflowing styles and upholstery choices.

The Rocker / Glider

Although it costs somewhat more than the Two-Position Recliner. The Rocker Recliner has a few leaning back angles and can be set nearer to walls, making it perfect for smaller spaces. The Rocker Recliner is like a Two Position Recliner, with the expansion of shaking usefulness when upstanding.

The Glider Recliner intently copies the Rocker Recliner, the main contrast being that it moves in reverse and forward in a direct way, rather than an angled way. Rocker Recliners are an amazing decision for the individuals who battle to nod off or moms with children.

The Push Back recliner

The Push Back Recliner just expects you to push back in the seat with the goal for it to lean back. There is no stool implicit, yet should you require a hassock, you can generally gain a footstool to supplement your Push Back Recliner. These are comfortable and easy to fit in cramped-up spaces. Can be utilised for watching T.V or working on the computer.

The Power Lift /Riser Recliner

A standout amongst the most recliners. It’s costly yet, in addition, the most flexible and practical leaning back seats that you will discover.

In a nutshell, the Lift/Riser recliner is a mechanized leaning back seat that lifts upward, helping you to escape the seat effectively. People, who have wounds, or handicaps and even the older that battle to sit and stand without any help will most profit by this kind of recliner.

Different highlights of this product, for example, customizable angles, autonomously flexible ottomans, and remote-controlled leaning back position upgrade the attributes of this seat.

Similarly, the two position Lift Recliner, gives the equivalent lifting capacity, in spite of the fact that it has a restricted leaning back backrest, that works related to the ottoman, likewise with the standard Two Position Recliner.

While the Three Position Lift Recliner can tilt back to a basic level position, despite what might be expected, the Infinite Position Recliner accompanies all the additional items, for example, massage, heat therapy and therapeutic highlights.

The Wall Saver/Hugger Recliner

When you have constricted space accessibility, the Wall saver or Hugger Recliner is the perfect option for such situations. It will just require around 6 inches of distance from the wall for a completely leaned back position.

Besides, these recliners can be ideal for individuals with feeble knees and constrained movement, empowering them to get up more effectively.

Despite the fact that Wall Saver Recliners are a bit costly. But they still can spare you on space and are ideal for little rooms.

The Massage Recliner

For achieving a complete peace and relaxation, there’s none other than the Massage recliner as the best recliners in India, it can work, massage and vibrate while kneading your calves and feet in the meantime.

These Recliners are a genuine marvel, they can ease every one of your throbbing painfulnesses.

The Orthopedic Recliner

The Orthopedic Recliner is focused on those people with medical problems or inabilities, which need solace and backing all the time.

Most Orthopedic chairs are made from memory foam, with either leather or material that is strong and simple to clean.

Capacities, for example, kneading, zero gravity situating, warming and vastly movable backrest, are a couple of the amazing highlights you can anticipate. Most Orthopedic Recliners additionally have the capacity of dealing with overwhelming weight. When it comes to overweight dealing capacity these are the best recliners in India.

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The Recliner Sofa

That couldn’t be preferred for your family over a leaning back couch, where everybody can rest without taking up every one of the seats. The leaning back couch is accessible in both manual and electrical alternatives.

The Club Chair

Style and solace best depict the Club Chair Recliner, typically secured with calfskin, with profound, extensive seats for twisting up and unwinding.

Children Recliner

Take your two-position chair, scale down it and possibly include a cup holder, and there you have it, the child’s chair. A kids’ chair is normally produced using non-toxic materials and has included security highlights for youngsters.

When you have kids at home then these are the best recliners in India to buy. Ensure that the texture choice that you pick is anything but difficult to clean!

The Wingback Chair Recliner

The Wingback chair is basically a beguiling and comfortable leaning back seat with a wingback structure. Ideal for a perusing niche, or a little room, it looks classy and modern.

The Mission Style Recliner

A practical, yet a perfect model of Recliner, that will flawlessly supplement the style of your home while giving an eminently agreeable seat. Adored by numerous property holders for its class, and effortlessness, there are in addition such huge numbers of hues and styles from which to pick.

Swivel Recliner

A swivel chair is planned on a roundabout base permitting it not exclusively to lean back yet in addition to swivel left and right, anyway a spinning swivel seat can turn 360 degrees to one side or right.

These sorts of chairs are progressively practical for office use or as gaming seats.

Gamer Recliner

Let’s be honest, gaming is a deskbound activity. People will or can keep on playing for long hours at any given moment. Hence, a seat that is completely indispensable for a gamer should be available.

Here are a couple of highlights to search for in a decent gaming seat;

  • Great Lumbar help to keep your spine in the right arrangement.
  • The right weight limit.
  • Flexible seat height, width, and profundity, with a movable forward and in reverse tilt.
  • Complacent and breathable material.
  • Customizable armrests.
  • Swiveling Function.
  • Compliments with your gaming system.
  • Zero Gravity Recliner

Let us simply make one thing straight, this seat can’t challenge gravity, it does, in any case, mimic the stance that a space explorer takes during lift-off, which is leaned back position that conveys worry over their bodies securely.

These seats dispense the client’s weight over the seat in the leaned back position, so as to alleviate the pressure and improve blood circulation. A Zero Gravity Massage Chair has the extra benefit of giving you a back massage while in the zero gravity position. For a gamer, these are the best recliners in India for you to buy today.

Two Person Recliner

The Two Person chair is a Two Position Recliner that has a more extensive seat enabling two individuals to sit in it easily. Incredible for you and your companion or for your tyke to sit by you.

Heavy Duty Recliner

Otherwise called the larger measured chair, this chair can deal with an expanded weight limit, yet in addition, bolster individuals who are taller. The Heavy Duty Recliner is an enormous and large chair that can bolster individuals from 6’4″ up to 6’8″ tall.

Simply recollect that the bigger the chair, the more space it will take up.

Remote Controlled Recliner

For genuine solace and unwinding, the remote-controlled chair has a power lift capacity, and leaning back capacity worked with an appended remote control. Some Remote controlled chairs likewise have rubbing and warming capacities, alongside USB charging ports.

Recliner for Sleeping

Whether it is for personal preference, or just because you tend to fall asleep in front of the television, the Sleeping Recliner has all the comfort features for a good night’s rest or a short nap.

The Sleeping Recliner is liberally cushioned and can recline to an almost flat position for comfortable rest, some come with added features such a vibration, heating or even massaging functions.

Various Sizes of Recliners

All of us are not of similar sizes and shapes, so correspondingly, chairs come in various sizes to help an assortment of body sizes and weight to fit in.


The Large and tall chair is an extra large chair, that can deal with more weight and bolster individuals more than 6,3″ tall.

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Standard Size Recliner

For exquisite and easygoing solace the standard chair is a normal size and can bolster people up to 6’2″ of a normal weight gathering.


For the small people, we have the small recliner chair, for lightweights somewhere in the range of 5,5″ and 5,9″ tall. This is an extraordinary decision for women!


In conclusion, we have the petit chair, which is for individuals who are under 5,4″ tall and kids.

List of 5 Best Recliners Available in India

Royaloak Divine Single Seater Rocking Recliner

Relax for hours with this comfortable and good looking recliner from Royal Oak and industry leader in furniture. At 4.1 stars on Amazon this recliner has all the features you are looking for; it has a comfortable leg rest to keep your feet in lying position. It also has a locking mechanism which makes it a rocking recliner.

Check Price on Amazon


  • It comes with Multiple adjustable reclining positions at different angles to suit your requirements.
  • Plush and soft suede upholstery which is soft to touch and sit on.
  • It also has a Comfortable adjustable leg rest to lift your legs up and relax.
  • This little piece also comes with a locking feature which is a bonus for the price you are paying.
  • It has a Rich and elegant look.
  • Sturdy hardware hence is long-lasting.
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty on mechanism.

Forzza William Single Seater Recliner:

Your next go-to spot to lounge and relax after a tiring day at work. It comes with push back mechanism which will recline up to an angle of 145 degrees and also has an unfolding footrest. It is soft and comfortably cushioned with a classically designed backrest for extra support for your back. The only disadvantage is that requires assembly.

Check Price on Amazon


  • It uses soft upholstery Material which has microfiber in it and feels great against the skin.
  • Comes in neutral colours which ensure that it blends into the surroundings.
  • It has a manual reclining option.
  • Its push back mechanism ensures you extreme comfort.
  • It comes with a footrest which reclines along with the seat.
  • Good lumbar support.
  • It has a 1-year warranty on manufacturing defects

Urban Ladder Bertie Compact Single-Seater Recliner:

Another great combination of comfort and good looks for your home is this recliner from the urban ladder. As suggested by the name it is compact in size and also lightweight. Just lean in and relax into a world of comfort with this great recliner. The only downside is that it requires assembly.

Check Price on Amazon


  • It is Budget friendly and does not cost a bomb for its features.
  • Available in three different colours – chocolate brown, tango red, and camel brown.
  • Comes with an L&P locking mechanism for reclining.
  • It is also Light in weight, compact and sleek design (space saving).
  • Adjustable backrest and leg rest.
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty on this product.

4. AE Designs Rocking Recliner:

This product is not just a recliner; it will be your relaxation zone. It is a rocking recliner so it comes with a to and fro motion to move the recliner in. The moment you sit on it, it will fill you with utmost relief and comfort. To top that it does not need installation by a technician.

Check Price on Amazon


  • To and fro rocking chair mechanism is provided with this product.
  • It also has a Swivel revolving feature.
  • Multiple colour options are available for this one.
  • Durable fabric and firm cushioning which feels comfortable and relaxing.
  • It comes with Adjustable leg rest.

Forzza Ryan 2 Seater Recliner Chair:

A perfect combination of design, quality, and comfort. This chair from Forzza is going to be your next relaxation spot in the home. It’s thick padded seat and back gives you the most comfort, which allows you to enjoy a full range of really comfortable seating positions. It is one of the best recliners in India.

Check Price on Amazon


  • It comes with leatherette upholstery which feels soft against your skin while the thick foam supports your back.
  • The push back mechanism ensures extreme comfort.
  • It has pocket coil construction for long-lasting relaxation.
  • It uses manual reclining.
  • The push back mechanism lets you recline up to an angle of 145 degrees. Also unfolds a footrest from it.
  • It is a two-seater.
  • Weight-bearing capacity is 120 kilograms.
  • 30 days warranty against manufacturing defects.

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