Best Running Shoes In India Under 2000Rs

You may need to begin your day with all energy and activity. You want to begin it with sports as walking or running. You may be an athlete who runs hundreds of miles every day. You may be an obese who want to reduce weight and keep fit. Almost everybody of you wants to buy the best pairs of running shoes. Shoes which will withstand your walking or running. Shoes which will be fit to you and very comfortable. So if you want to buy running shoes, there are certain criteria that you have to put in your mind.

Size: You always want the shoes to be of the right size and fit your feet. A pair of shoes with little extra space is quite good for you.

Type of pronation: When you buy shoes, you have to know how your feet roll when you walk. This helps you to choose comfortable shoes and to avoid pain and formation of blisters in your feet.

Weight: If you are runner, you almost need light-weighted shoes to support you. The heavy ones may be uncomfortable and pull you down. These light-weighted are built with less foam and have cushioning effect for your feet.

Breathability: If you want to buy good pair of shoes, you have to choose ones which will not wet your feet and make them sweat.

And Now, you may want to ask some questions before you decide to buy certain type of running shoes. You may want to ask:

Are these pairs made of good quality?

For sure, high quality is very necessary especially for walking or running long distance.

What type of material are these pairs made of?

Mesh, synthetic or fabric.

How much do these pairs cost?

Here, we are going to view the best running shoes in India, with price less than 2000Rs.

Lancer Men’s Mesh Sports/Runnning Shoes:

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If you search for comfortable pair of shoes, Lancer is very good choice for you. Its varieties and ranges fulfill all types. Its high quality and good price makes it very popular. Also, it is weightless and fit as expected. This makes it very good for you whether you are walking or running. You may see it getting dirty fast, but simply with soap and water it looks new again.

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Features: Inner and outer materials are made of mesh and textile.

It is weightless and has vibrant color.

Pros: High quality and very comfortable.

Easy to be cleaned.

Cons: Get dirty quickly.

Less grip on wet surfaces.

Less flexible soul.

Cokpit Men’s Running Shoes:

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Take an endless experience in wearing synthetic shoes. These pairs of shoes are made of good quality and they are long-live. Very good fitting and high level of comfort. Care for your shoes. Allow your pair of shoes to air and de-odorize at a regular basis to retain their natural shape. Also, use shoe bags to prevent any stains or mildew. Dust any dry dirt from the surface using a clean cloth, do not use polish or shiner.

Features: Synthetic material.

Lace-up closure.

Good package.

Pros: High fitting and comfort.

High quality and long lasting.

Cons: A lot of sound while walking on tiles.

Asian shoes FUTURE-01 White Nevy Blue Men’s Shoe:

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This product is very good for your feet as it allows air circulation. You have to care about it. Allow your pair of shoes to air and de-odorize at regular basis. This helps to retain them as new and fresh.

Features: The body of shoes is designed with colorful soft material describing to improve the overall look of the shoes.

The upper material keeps air circulation while moderated ankles takes full care of your feet when you go out for running.

Outer mesh for maximum air circulation.

Lace-up enclosure for maximum comfort during playing or running.

them retain their natural shape and stay fresh. Pros: Light weight shoes

. Good for your normal walking.

Cons: Low in cushioning.

May cause pain when you run on treadmills.

Lotto Men’s Portlane Subli Running Shoes:

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Made by the Italian technology, Lotto is a brand in sports clothing and footwear. These pairs of shoes are very good and quite comfortable to your feet. Either walking 4-5 kilometers per day or running, Lotto is light-weighted and flexible. Also, you have to keep your shoes clean.

Feature: Material is made of mesh.

Lace-up closure.

Good product finishing.

Pros: Light-weighted with bounce effect.

Good quality of mesh upper part.

Good for running and workout.

Cons: The sole may broaden after few months of use.

Fentacia Men Off White Series Running/Jogging Shoes with Memory Foam,Grafitti Shoe, Colors and Big (UK6-UK12):

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Fentacia is very comfortable and perfect for athletes. Its molded foam gives it better fitting and cushioning. Also, this provides the flexibility and breathability of your feet. Also, you have to care about your shoes.


Upper mesh to make the shoes last long.

Sole is made of Phylon.

Strechable fabric for sock like comfort in collar helps in natural freedom of movement.

Abrasion+ technology protects outsole from wear and tear.

Pros: High flexibility and breathability.

Good cushioning and quality.

Good fitting.

Cons: You may find it stiff while running or jogging.

After you have known these good brands of running shoes, you may want good brands for your kids. Lancer Kids Mesh Sports Running Shoes are good. This pair allows your kids every day walking and running. This product features lace up closure, a padded collar for comfort and lightweight outer soles to decrease stumbles and falls.

Also, if you are a woman who wants to choose a good pair of shoes for her daily trips, Lancer Women’s Sport Shoe is good for you. The shoes are comfortable and made of mesh with attractive pink and grey colors. It features a lace-up closure for proper fitting.

In closing, choose the type of running shoes you prefer. Before buying, you have to ask about the quality and the material. Also, take care for your shoes to retain their shape and make them long-live.


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