Selecting The Best Treadmill In India For Home Use [Top 10]

Best Treadmill In India

With the fast-paced lives and the unhealthy lifestyles of today, we are all vulnerable to major health risks and diseases. In this article we will tlak about how to counter the problem buy purchasing the best treadmill in india for home use.

The competitions of life are ever increasing that leaves us with no time to look after our health and fitness. We all at some point of our lives enrol in a gym but never actually happen to hit one because “there is no time”. But taking care of our physical selves is as important as running in the race of life. Some great man rightly said ‘Health is Wealth’.

exercise on treadmill

A treadmill is one of the best investments in such scenarios by which one can be involved in physical activity (walking/ running) at the ease of their home and not just lose all those extra kilos but also be fit and active making them capable of handling all the extra work that life throws at them. We will help you purchase decision from one of the best treadmill brands in india.

Why Treadmill?

  • A treadmill is great for losing weight and for a cardiovascular workout.
  • It is a one workout equipment that is fit for almost all people. It can be used by teenagers for intense running, adults for moderate running and even elderly people for light walking.
  • It helps to burn calories and remain fit in all ways.
  • It helps to improve heart health as working out on a treadmill is a great way to improve cardiovascular health. It helps you live a longer and healthier life.
  • It also helps in improving the muscle tone.
  • Using a treadmill strengthens your calves and butts. It also helps in improving your quadriceps and makes you fit in a short time.

Why Have A Treadmill For Home Use In India?

Tradmill for home use in india

There are innumerable benefits of having a treadmill at home because it increases your access and the workout probabilities. It reduces your excuse game and makes your let’s get fit game strong.

  • 24X7 Access

Having a best treadmill in india for home use means that you can work out at your own ease and time. You have access to the equipment even when you get back home late from work and even when you have an early start at work. You can have to leave for work at sunrise, but still workout before going because you no longer have to wait for the gym to begin.

  • Bid Adieu To Excuses

After spending all those extra bucks on the purchase and having the most convenient way of working out, there is no room for excuses. The money spent will always encourage you to use the treadmill.

  • Multitasking Made Possible

After buying the best treadmill in india for home use, nothing can stop you from watching your favourite show and working out both at the same time. Isn’t that the best feeling ever?

Ultimate Guide To Buying A Treadmill For Home Use

There are quite a few things that need to be taken care of when purchasing a treadmill. You need to ask yourselves a few questions before you make that purchase and here’s all that you need to know.

Ask yourself – What will be the purpose of my treadmill? Will it be used for walking, light running or intense running? Who all are going to be using it? What is the weight of the people that are going to use it? Are their requirements different from mine?


It is very important to choose the right product whose motor can easily cater to your requirements. A motor with a power of 1.2 horsepower is on the lower ends and should be used only for walking. A motor between 1.75 to 2.0 horsepower is satisfactory for light running while an average runner should not buy anything less than 2.5 horsepower. If the weight of the user is more than 225 pounds, a motor with 3.0 horsepower or more is preferable.

Track Size

The appropriate track size depends upon the activity the treadmill will be used for. More width is preferred as the intensity of the workout increases as it decreases the chances of accidentally getting off the belt. The adequate length also increases subsequently. The width of the treadmills vary between 16″ to 22″ commonly and the length varies between 42″ to 63″. A tall runner should at least go for a treadmill that has a length of 55″.


fast running on a treadmill

In most treadmills, the speed goes up to 12 miles/hour and is usually appropriate for most cases but there are models that have a speed of 14 miles/hour too.


The inclination is a very important part of a treadmill. Inclination has a major effect on the result of the workout. More the inclination, better the effect of the workout. Inclined surfaces are more efficient for burning calories & also trains the body for hilly surfaces. Normally the treadmills come with an inclination between 10% to 15% which are suitable for most scenarios. For intense training, having something that inclines up to 40% is suitable. For people who are training for hilly terrains should buy the treadmill that declines up to 3%.


Cushioning of the belt is very important when buying the treadmill as cushioning can have a great impact on the body which can vary between 15% and 40%. Appropriate cushioning makes it easier on the joints and decreases the chances of any ill effects.


Most treadmills come with pre-designed programs which can suit most people and situations. The number of programs available varies between 10 and 44. The custom option is also available if required in most treadmills.

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of the treadmills varies between 240 pounds to 400 pounds. It is very important to note that while choosing for the weight capacity, always add an extra 50 pounds to your existing weight and then purchase the treadmill accordingly. The weight of the user with the maximum weight should be considered.


A warranty is a good representation of the quality of a treadmill. Most treadmills have different warranty period for the motor and the parts. This can range between one year to a period as long as ten years.


The sturdiness of a treadmill is very important as you don’t want your treadmill to be dancing while you are working out on it. If space allows, it is always preferable to purchase fixed treadmills that do not have a folding option. But is there are space constraints and the only option is to buy a folding treadmill, then it becomes more important to check for the quality and sturdiness of the treadmill.

These are some of the features that you must check before buying a treadmill apart from the extra features you may want like built-in fans, TV, place for tablet, places for water bottle, wireless heart rate monitor or any other.

Top 10 Treadmills for Home Use in India

We have listed some the best treadmill in india for home use so that you don’t have to go through the tedious process of comparing them online,

1. Powermax Fitness TDM-100S Motorized Treadmill 

Specifications: 1.5 HP DC motor, 3 levels manual incline, 5.5 LCD Display, 12 Pre-Set workout program, 3 years warranty on motor & 1 year on parts. Powermax is one the best treadmill brands in india if you are on a budget.

This is the best treadmill in india for home use and the one which we recommend you to buy.

Price – Rs. 31,500

2. Healthgenie 4112M 7in1 Motorised Treadmill With Massager

Specifications: 2.0 HP DC Motor, 2 levels Manual Incline, 3 years warranty on motor & 1 year on parts, Low noise motor, 12 Pre-set workout programs

Price – Rs. 31,999

3. Fitkit FT060 5in1 Motorised Multi Functional Treadmill

Specifications: 1.5  HP DC Motor, 12 User programs, Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects, Bluetooth app control (Android & iOS), Intelligent automatic Lubrication

Price – Rs. 26,990

4. Powermax Fitness TDA-260 Motorised Multi-Function Treadmill with auto inclination

Specifications: 2 HP DC Motor, Wi-Fi Connectivity, 3 Year warranty on motor & 1 year on parts, 7 Colour touch display, Six level shock absorption system

Price – Rs. 49,990

5. Durafit 001 Strong Motorised Foldable Treadmill

Specifications: 2 HP DC Motor, 3 Level manual incline, 3 Year warranty on motor & 1 year on parts, Vertical Hydraulic System, 24 Pre-set programs

Price – Rs. 28,999

6. Quantico FS385 Treadmill With Auto Lubrication & Auto Inclination

Specifications: 2 HP DC Motor, 15 Auto Inclination, 3 Year warranty on motor & 1 year on parts, Six level shock absorption system, 12 Pre-set workout programs

Price – Rs. 35,999

7. Powermax Fitness UrbanTrek TD-M3 Multi Feature Motorised Treadmill

Specifications: 2 HP DC Motor, 3 Level manual incline, 3 Year warranty on motor & 1 year on parts, 12 Pre-set workout programs, LED Display with 3D smart touch keys.

Price – Rs. 45,990

8. Afton BT-19 Steel Motorised Treadmill with auto lubrication

Specifications: 2 HP C Motor, 3 Level manual incline, 3 Years warranty on motor & 1 year on parts, 12 Pre-set workout programs, Powerful shock absorption system.

Price – Rs. 29,900

9. Reebok Jet Fuse 100 Treadmill

Specifications: 2 HP C Motor, 24 Pre-set workout programs, 2 Years warranty on motor & 10 years on frame, 12 Levels of incline, Adjustable Cooling fan. Reebok is among one of the best treadmill brands in india .

Price – Rs. 68,675

10. Adidas T-16 Motorised Treadmill

Specifications: 2.75 HP DC Motor, 10 Year warranty on motor & 2 years on parts, 24 Pre-set workout programs, 15 Levels of electronic incline, Innovative cushioning & suspension system.

Price – Rs. 98,499


Purchasing the best treadmill in india for home use can become very tricky and confusing at times but with the article, we have tried to help you find your perfect treadmill and solutions to all your questions.

Personally i use the Powermax TDS 100M at home on a daily basis and it perfect for me. You can frame your requirements and choose the best one that suits your needs.

Wishing you all the best of health!


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