15 Best Food Shows On Netflix To Watch

Food Shows To Watch On Netflix

Across the globe, the food industry is scaling heights. It might not be the fastest growing industry, but it is growing each day. And by growing, it does not mean just increasing the chain of restaurants and having more customers to come and taste their food, the chefs are showing their skills to the world with the help of some exciting food shows which are everywhere-on TV, Youtube, Netflix, etc.

These food shows on Netflix are not just informative but are fun to watch and exciting. There are shows in which the chefs travel to different places around the world and explores new cultures and learns new culinary techniques to create his own infusion. Also, there are shows which involve some famous personalities who explore different foods around the world and gather facts. In this article, we are going to talk about some of the best shows you can watch on Netflix and have fun.

Top Food Shows On Netflix

Based on reviews and ratings of viewers, we have listed for you the best food shows on Netflix

 1. Rotten

Rotten is an American Television show which focuses on problems faced by the food supplying chain. Each episode deals with the manufacture, distribution and of one food product and reveals some dark secrets about the food industry.

This show received positive reviews with a rating of 80% on Rotten Tomatoes. Rotten is one of the best food shows on Netflix right now.

 2. Parts Unknown

Parts Unknown is an American travel and food show in which celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain travels around the world uncovering lesser-known places and explores their cultures and cuisines. He travels to places like Spain, Congo, Peru, etc and explores their food, culture, etc and is a lot of fun to watch.

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 3. Taco Chronicles

Taco Chronicles is a Spanish Language series that looks at, you guessed it right, Tacos. There is a lot of history and culture behind each variety of Tacos. The series is about exploring facts about tacos and interviewing with food writers, experts and owners and knowing some secrets about making the best tacos in the world.

 4. Chef’s Table

Chef’s Table is a Netflix show which focuses on one famous chef every episode. So, if you are obsessed with the life of chefs and fine dining experience, this is the show for you which explores the finest dining restaurants around the world while interviewing with some of the top chefs.

 5. Cooked

Based on the book by Michael Pollan, Cooked is Netflix documentary series starring Michael Pollan and Isaac Pollan. Focused on different aspects of cooking. This shows teaches us what food means to us and its ability to connect to human beings, by going back to the traditional methods of cooking around the world. So, if you are interested in the history of cooking, this might be the show for you.

 6. Street Food

This show is much more than the title suggests. Exploring some of the best street foods around the world, Street Foods follows the street food chefs and their history. This show depicts how influential street food is in their native country. With traveling to exotic locations like India, Thailand, Japan, etc this show is perfect for those who love street foods.

 7. The Final Table

The Final Table is an American Cooking Competition hosted by critic and food writer Andrew Knowlton, in Los Angeles, California. Twelve International Teams of two professional chefs compete to create some elevated dishes based on different countries in each episode. Teams are eliminated until just the finalists reach the finale.

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 8.  Nailed It!

Nailed It series is a bake-off competition between three amateur bakers who compete to replicate complicated cakes to win a cash prize of $10,000 and a “nailed it” trophy. This show is a funny one which will also teach you some baking techniques too.

 9. Salt Fat Acid Heat

Salt Fat Acid Heat is an American cooking documentary starring Samin Nosrat. Nosrat travels to exotic locations around the world and explores different elements used in cuisine. This show received a 7.5 rating on Rotten Tomatoes. This show was also praised for the high proportion of women and home cooks in the show making it count on this list.

 10. The Chef Show

Presented by Jon Favreau and Roy Choi, The Chef Show is an American cooking show in which, Favreau and Choi experiment with their favorite recipes and collaborate with some famous chefs around the world.

From sharing their meal with the Avengers cast in Atlanta to honoring legendary food critic Jonathan Gold, this show is the perfect mix of fun and passion and you’ll surely love it.

15 Best Food Shows On Netflix

This is a comprehensive list of the best food shows on Netflix based on reviews and ratings of viewers around the world.

  1. Rotten
  2. Parts Unknown
  3. Taco Chronicles
  4. Cooked
  5. Chef’s Table
  6. Street Food
  7. The Final Table
  8. Salt Fat Acid Heat
  9. Nailed It!
  10. The Chef Show
  11. Ugly Delicious
  12. Sugar Rush
  13. Zumbo’s Just Desserts
  14. The Mind Of A Chef
  15. The Chefs’ Line

Final Words

In this article, we have listed the top food shows you can binge-watch on Netflix. I hope you have a good time.

If you like this article or have any queries, you can write to us in the comment section below. Also, do let us know which show was your favorite. Cheers!

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