Benefits Of Pineapple Juice


Pineapple is a well-known fruit of all the times in India as well as out of India. Many of us love to eat pineapple or to drink pineapple juice. But hardly of us knows the benefits which we get from pineapple juice or from pineapple itself. So here are presented some of the benefits which you will surely get from pineapple.

What Is Pineapple?

The pineapple which is usually known as Ananas comosus is a tropical plant with edible fruit. It is the most economically significant plant in the family Bromeliaceae. This fruit is indigenous to South America, where it has been cultivated for many centuries. Since the 1820s, pineapple has been commercially grown in a greenhouse and many tropical plantations. Further, it is the third most important tropical fruit in world production.

Pineapple is good for many things in the human body. Many people prefer Pineapple juice as well, which is equally beneficial for the human body. It is also called Pina Colada.

Here are some of the best benefits of Pineapples, as well as pineapple juice, which is quite beneficial for you.

Some Benefits Of Intaking Pineapple Juice

So, here are some of the health benefits of intaking pineapple juice for you to take advantage.

1. It Contains Anti- Inflammatory Properties In Bromelain

Bromelain is a proteolytic enzyme, which means it is a mixture of enzymes that digest protein. So, the bromelain which is present in the pineapple consist of the Anti-Inflammatory properties helps in the reduction of swelling and bruising. Any person who met with an accident and suffers from normal physical swelling or bruising, then pineapple juice is best for the one. We can see, that sportsperson, athlete, etc suffer from these things usually. So, intaking of pineapple juice during such conditions could help them in getting relief soon.

2. Helps In Reducing Weight

Another health benefit of pineapple juice or pineapple itself is that it helps in reducing weight. Most of the gym trainers also advise their costumers to intake pineapple juice daily in order to reduce weight. Females should have pineapple juice, especially during the time of the menstrual cycle. So, for the beings, who are unsatisfied with their health,  they should start intaking pineapple juice on a daily basis to become fit and happy. Also, if you want to maintain your fitness, then you should intake pineapple juice on a daily basis.

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3. Contains Vitamin-C

Pineapple is quite enriched in vitamin -c. All of us know that how important is vitamin-c for our body. It is quite useful for our hearts. From the number of studies, it has come to know that vitamin-c intake causes a decrease in the risk of Coronary Heart diseases. Also other diseases like cancer, also get reduced or else prevented by intaking of pineapple juice. So, the person who usually suffers from heart-related problems should have pineapple juice on a daily basis.

4. Cataract Prevention

As you know, vitamin-c is quite beneficial in improving vision. A recent study shows that taking pineapple on a daily basis helps to clear vision. For the people who are suffering from cataracts, it is quite beneficial for them. The authors even suggest that it should be used as the primary preventive method.

5. Help Infertility Perks In Wen As Well As Women

Another health benefit of Pineapple juice is that it also helps in boosting up fertility in both men and women. It contains several beneficial vitamins and minerals. From several studies, it has come to know that women should intake pineapple during their pregnancy.

6. Prevents Asthmatic Problems

Pineapples are enriched with several vitamins and minerals. It is also a good source of beta carotene, which is converted into active Vitamin A, during digestion.

Beta carotene is quite beneficial for the person who usually suffers from asthma. It helps in reducing the chances of asthma and also helps the patient to breathe as it good for the lungs as well.

7. Osteoarthritis Treatment

Being rich in inflammatory properties of Bromelain, pineapple juice is useful for the treatment of osteoarthritis. It has come to know from several studies that pineapple juice can easily cure this problem. A person who suffers from osteoarthritis problem or on the stage to suffer from it, then he/she should start intaking pineapple juice on a daily basis. In case, pineapple juice would not cure it then it will surely stop the disease from spreading.

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8. Reduces Constipation

Constipation is a well-known problem, through which many people in the society suffer in India as well as out of India. Constipation usually makes the person feel quite a discomfort on a certain level. In case you, don’t want to have this problem, then it is best for you to start intaking pineapple juice on a daily basis. Pineapple juice works immediately on constipation and makes you get relief as soon as possible.

9. Contains Manganese

Another big health benefit of pineapple juice or pineapple itself is that it is rich in manganese. A large percentage of the population is deficient in manganese. It is an essential nutrient that fights aging and disease by protecting your cells from free radicals, which causes cellular damage that can lead to various unwanted problems and health diseases. So, everyone should have pineapple juice on a regular basis, to maintain the amount of manganese in the body.

10. Remedy For Menstrual Disorders In Females

Another health benefit of drinking pineapple juice is especially for females, is that it helps in improving the order of the menstrual cycle. Usually, every woman suffers from this, which results in severe pain at the time of menstrual periods. So, according to all the researches, every woman, especially the one suffer from menstrual disorder problems, should drink at least one glass full of pineapple juice on a daily basis, in order to improve your menstrual problem.

Some Health Benefits Of Pineapple juice

So, here are some proven health benefits of pineapple juice, which one can surely have.

  1. It contains Anti-Inflammatory Properties in Bromelain.
  2. Help in reducing body weight.
  3. Contains Vitamin C
  4. Prevents Cataract
  5. Helps in Fertility perks in Men as well as Women.
  6. Prevents Asthmatic Problems.
  7. Osteoarthritis Treatment.
  8. Reduces Constipation.
  9. Contains Manganese.
  10. Remedy for Menstrual Disorders in Females.


So, these were some of the benefits which you will get from intaking pineapple juice. It is not that the person suffering from certain problems should drink pineapple juice, in fact, each one of us should intake it every day, If not possible on a daily basis, then everyone should have at least once in three days, to stay fit, happy and healthy. As it is rightly said,

‘ Health Is itself a Wealth’.

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