Home Remedies for Dry Lips [In Summer & Winter]

We all have had our encounter with dry lips at multiple times of our lives. Cracking, bleeding, and peeling of lips are a common sight for everyone. Dry lips are a concern worldwide for both men and women. They are not just painful and uncomfortable, but also makes you look less attractive and can be very embarrassing at times. No one likes chapped and dry lips, neither on themselves nor on others. If you too are fed up of the chapping and flaking of your lips, try these simple home remedies for dry lips and there will never be looking back.

Understanding Our Lips

Understanding our lips

Lips are a very delicate an extremely sensitive part of a human body. They need special attention and care to look and be their best. This is because the stratum corneum (the topmost layer that functions as skin’s barrier) of the lips is very thin as compared to the rest of the body. Also, the lips do not have any sweat or oil glands because of which there’s no natural source of hydration for the lips unlike the skin of the rest of the body.

The Causes Of Dry Lips

There can be multiple reasons behind the drying of the lips. These can be external as well as internal.

Less Intake Of Minerals & Vitamins

Our body on the outside looks exactly like what it is given inside. Deficiency of vitamin B, iron and zinc cause drying and flaking of lips. It’s very important to have a balanced diet so our body gets proper nutrients and it functions properly.

Exposure To Harsh Weather

Being outdoors in cold and dry weather or exposure to sunlight can also cause the lips to chap and flake. It is hence very important to moisturize and use sunblock even on the lips.


If there is not enough water in the body, it will fail to hydrate the lips, which will reflect in the form of dry lips. Drinking enough liquids is very important not just for lips, but for an entire well being too.

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Lip Licking

Home Remedies for Lip Licking

We all have an urge to lick our lips because of the common misconception that it moisturizes our lips. On the contrary, licking our lips lead to further drying of them. The saliva on the lips evaporates faster taking along the already present moisture of the lips too.

Excessive Intake Of Vitamin A

As weird as it may sound, but excess vitamin A in the body also causes the lips to dry. It’s rightly said, ‘excess of everything is bad’. Everything needs to be consumed in moderation for the healthy and balanced functioning of the body.

Illness And Hormonal Changes

Dry lips could also be a symptom of some disease or illness. A few disorders that have dry lips as their symptom are thyroid disorder, candida overgrowth, and herpes infection. These could also be because of certain hormonal changes in the body.


Dry lips are a common symptom of menopause. As the estrogens levels in the body decreases, the skin tends to become dry and so do the lips.

Prevention Is Always Better Than Cure

There are a few precautions that can be taken to prevent the drying of lips. Changing a few habits, and doing some simple things can make a huge difference in how your lips feel.

  • Never let your body dehydrate. Drink plenty of liquids irrespective of the weather and season.
  • Stop licking your lips. It is a common habit that needs to be stopped for good lip health.
  • Investing in a humidifier can be a great way to prevent dryness for places that have dry air indoors.
  • While stepping out of your home, always apply a lip balm that contains SPF.
  • For outdoors, use products that contain beeswax or petrolatum to maintain lip hydration.
  • Always hydrate your lips before going to bed.

Taking Care Of Lips

Home remedies for Taking care of lips

It is very easy to take care of our lips so they always feel soft and supple like rose petals. This can be done by following a routine of two very easy steps – Lips exfoliation and Lips moisturization. These can be done in various methods by using just a couple of products from the kitchen.

Home Remedies For Lips Exfoliation

Dry Brushing

Using your toothbrush and gently rubbing it on the lips in a circular motion every morning can be a great way increasing the blood circulation of lips and getting rid of all the dead cells.

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Sugar As An Exfoliator

For this DIY lip scrub, all you need to do is to mix sugar with an equal amount of honey and olive oil. Add a few drops of any extract you like for flavour. The mix should have a granulated consistency that also clumps together. Sugar functions as a natural exfoliator, honey as natural hydration and oil for added moisture. Gently massaging this on the lips once/twice a week can be a great way to keep all the dead cells away, making our lips super soft and plum.

Coffee To Wake Lips Up

Mix equal amounts of coffee and olive oil and heat it for about 20 seconds. Gently rub this mixture on lips in circular motions for a couple of minutes. The coffee exfoliates the skin and increases the blood circulation while the oil provides it with all the moisture it needs. Heating the mixture increases the effectiveness. This can be done every alternate day before going to bed for best results.

Home Remedies For Lips Moisturization

Honey & Vaseline

Honey has great hydrating properties and is also a well-known healer. Both these properties make it an idle product to treat dry products. Apply a layer of honey on lips and over it, apply some Vaseline. Vaseline locks the honey at its place, hence making it more effective. Leave it for 20 minutes after which you can wipe it off with a wet cloth or cotton. Doing it twice or thrice a week will never let your lips chap or bleed.

Rose Petals For Alike Lips

Soak a few petals of rose water in a spoonful of milk for a couple of hours. Blend the two to make a paste and apply it as a lip mask. Leave it for 15-20 minutes after which wash it off with cold water. This provides your lips with vitamin E along with the natural fats it needs. Apart from hydrating the lips, they also provide natural pink colourc to them.

Cucumber To The Rescue

This remedy is more effective during summers. All you need to do it to cut a slice of a cucumber and gently rub it on your lips for a couple of minutes. This will exfoliate the lips while hydrating them. Cucumber has a lot of water content which is very good for hydration.

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Cucumber can also be used by blending it to make a paste and using it as a mask for your lips. Wash it off after 10-15 minutes using cold water.

This should be done once/twice every week and there will be no memories of cracked lips. It is one of the simplest home remedies for dry lips.

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera gel is good for the skin

Aloe Vera gel is rich in water, vitamin B, A, C, E, and fatty acids. All these help in healing the chapped lips and hydrating them. Apply fresh Aloe Vera gel before going to bed every night to find soft, supple and plump lips in the morning. Aloe Vera gel is an ingredient that needs your commitment and consistency. When used in routine, it gives great results. It is one of the best home remedies for dry lips.

Lemon, Honey & Castor Oil

Lemons are very useful in reducing damage and dryness of the skin because of the presence of Vitamin C in it. Lemons also have bleaching properties that help to reduce the darkening of lips due to sun exposure. Honey is a great hydrating agent and castor oil serves as an additional moisturizer. Mix all of the three ingredients in equal quantities to form a paste. Apply this on your lips and leave for 20 minutes. Later, wash the mask off using cold water and you are good to go.

Ghee Or Malai

This is a remedy we all have grown up listening to. Every time children have chapped lips, all grandmothers run to ghee/malai for the rescue. This remedy works for all age groups, so, reminiscing of childhood memories can also be one of the effective home remedies to fight off dryness from the lips.


Lips are as important as any other body part and so is taking care of it. They are the one on focus every time we speak and talk. Lips that look beautiful are very attractive and grab attention. Also, soft lips make us feel more confident and comfortable. Achieving pretty and healthy lips are very easy an can be easily done in our regular routine with no extra efforts. Using the home remedies for dry lips and the tips and tricks mentioned above, one can easily have pink, soft and supple lips all their life.

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