How to Apply Mehendi On Hands

How to Apply Mehendi on Hands

Mehendi is basically a dye commonly used to decorate hands. When applied on the skin gives you a cooling effect adding a red color to it. As it dries completely, the skin is washed with water in order to reveal the dyed color. We will discuss How to Apply Mehendi on Your Hands the Perfect Way.

Origin of Mehendi

Simple mehndi designs are worn by young girls and women most preferably during the auspicious occasion for either festival like Eid, Diwali, or get-together and so on. Mehendi has now become a part of our lives as it has just become a part of the hobby for many youngsters, this rolling over at so many wedding ceremonies around the corner.
Young girls and women also prefer applying for family weddings or as a bridal mehndi for themselves. Asian brides are not complete until they have adorned mehendi on their hands and feet.

How to Apply Mehendi

How to Apply Mehendi on Your Hands Perfectly

Many of us find it difficult to make the right consistency of mehndi paste, fill a cone and then apply. But now, there are ready-made ones available in any kiraana stores, supermarkets and so on that has made our task much easier and simpler. Mehendi enthusiasts keen on learning the art of mehndi should first get familiar with the basics and then need to acquire the method of applying it.

It covers the areas like how to comfortably hold and squeeze the cone, how to place the design, how to remove mehndi and its final looks. Enjoy the step-wise procedure that covers each and every detail that helps you in creating exclusive mehendi designs.

mehendi design

All the admirers of Mehendi have no longer to wait as they can now enroll themselves in the world of beautiful art of mehndi application. In order to start with any kind of mehndi art or design, beginners shall start with simple designs such as straight lines, dot, comma, stamen, making heart, simple strokes, making leaves, veils, flowers, and basic shapes etc.

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Mehendi Designs And Patterns

These basic patterns need to be practiced and mastered before elaborating even more beautiful designs like basic floral, peacock ( it is one of the most beautiful design which adds elegance and charm to the body art), mango designs, Dulha-Dulhan, Lord Ganesh etc. They can then best make use of them in bridal mehndi designs and for other occasions as well.

In case of peacock design, master the design on paper. Learn to draw the outlines and also elaborate the patterns within. Make sure to draw peacock’s eye and beak to bring out the natural effect, then further proceed to make small flowers or add checks to fill the peacock.

If you want to learn how to apply Mehendi, the foremost important thing is to hold the cone correctly. Learn to squeeze, clean and hold the cone. Your right hand (if your right-handed and vice versa) must be able to try to squeeze to see how comfortably you can apply to hold it. Have a printed mehndi design that will help you draw the same pattern on a rough sheet of paper, keep cleaning with the tissue paper if it keeps on getting messy.

mehendi design
The neater will be your work if you keep the tip clean. Place the design in front of you as the fingers will be near you and the wrist away. And that is why it is most preferable to start from the farthest place and then come to the nearest otherwise the whole hand will become messy. If any mistakes made while applying, wipe off with tissue paper.
Learn as you do!

Master Every Mehendi Design There Is

Practice is all you need for recreating mehndi designs. It is the regular practice that will improve your applying skills. Once you sure that the designs you make are no longer messy, it confirms that you have got the control over comfortably holding and squeezing the cone.

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Use a plain piece of paper to draw an outline of your right hand placing it in the paper. Once the tracing of your hand is done, rotate it so that fingers are towards you. Place the printed design beside hand tracing so that they are parallel and is easy for you to apply Mehendi.

Now, see the design from printed design and trace it on the paper. By looking at it as in you are making a sketch and be able to judge the proportion for your understanding.

Follow the steps:

  1. Start applying the design from the wrist, continue to the palm until you reach the thumb.
  2. The center of the hand to the index finger.
  3. Then from the middle finger to the pinky finger will complete the design.

This will let you know exactly what your design is and how you can apply it on the hand. Once done, you can start another tracing of your hand and practice on it too much that you become perfect on applying both the hands.

The Important Takeaway

Once you are familiar and see a good outcome at this, move on to the application on real hands and feet. You will have to look for an empty hand to try and practice this mehndi art. Follow the same steps mentioned above and you should learn how to apply Mehendi like a pro in no time.

Once you follow those steps, keep it till it dyes completely on the hand – about 10 hours or its either best to apply before you go to bed and rub it out when you wake up in the morning without having to worry about the color getting lighter.

Continue to learn the simple filler patterns and get familiar with the shaded Arabic designs with the help of this marvelous mehndi technique and learn how to apply mehendi on others.

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