How To Remove Blackheads Naturally

Do you keep scratching your tiny nose, chubby cheeks or soft skin now and then
irritated with the blackheads? Are those reddish-brown bumps annoying you as well?
As the pollution around us has increased so has the damage to the skin too has
improved. Blackheads are one among those hundreds of skin problems that we face in
day to day life. Applying chemicals to remove them either result in some other side
effects or enhance the already existing ones more badly. So let’s ask nature to
help us to solve this problem of how to get rid of blackheads.

What are Blackheads?

Blackheads are black or reddish-brown uneven surfaces on the skin, which are a result
of blocked skin pores. When we do not clean our skin correctly, oil accumulated on the
skin due to pollution, harmful chemicals, busy lifestyle, etc. With time this oil starts
settling on the surface and creates a bump on the skin. When this bump is exposed to air,
due to the presence of oxygen in the air, it gets oxidized and turns black.

The most common area affected by Blackheads

Blackheads generally attack the facial skin. It is not they cannot appear on any other
part of the surface, but the face is the most blackhead prone area. All the people at some point
in their life do experience blackheads. You will generally find these irritating black
bumps around your nose, on your cheeks, on the sides of your nose, chin and sometimes
on the forehead as well.

What can I do to Fight Blackheads?

Dealing blackheads can be an excruciating task. It is essential for us to clean our skin
thoroughly. Apart from this moisturizing the face, going for regular facials, scrubbing your
skin once in a while to remove dead cells, etc. are essential daily routine steps that you
should take to stay away from these black bumps. I know our busy lifestyle sometimes
becomes so tiresome and troublesome that we forget a lot of things and our body
suffers the most during such times. But our body is our most significant health and spending a little bit time for its care is a must. For now, we can dive in to look for some possible natural solutions.

Can I remove blackheads at home?

Preferably, you should go to a professional skin therapist’s clinic to get blackheads or any form of acne removed. We are not sure that your neighbourhood salon is using the right hygiene practices, creams or not, techniques to soften and open the skin correctly for blackhead removal, which could lead to damage. However, if you’re attempting to do this at home, make sure your tools are sterilised and you’re not too harsh on your skin. Dr Shetty gives us her go-to four-step approach to removing blackheads at home and keeping them at bay.

Removing blackhead step 1: Use a milky, creamy face wash and massage it into the skin. Rinse. The consistency of the formula is key to getting rid of the blackheads, so make sure it’s not too watery or thick.

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Step 2:

Use either warm steam or a warm towel and apply it to the skin for two minutes, which will soften the skin and enlarge the pores to help dislodge the blackheads easily. Make sure it’s not too hot, or it will dry out your skin.

Step 3:

Buy a blackhead extractor and disinfect it with rubbing alcohol , boiling water or a wash with hot, soapy water. Then Gently apply pressure to the skin and ease out the blackheads. Dr Shetty warns not to pull on the skin of the nose. Applying pressure Gently is key to removing blackheads without damaging your skin.

Step 4:

Then you have to rinse your face with cold water or use an at-home facial steamer on a cold setting to minimise the pores back up and avoid further blackheads.

How to get Rid of Blackheads Naturally

Here is a list that nature gifts us, which you can try to remove blackheads.

1. Egg White

Mix one egg white with one tablespoon of honey. Apply it thoroughly
on your face, let it dry and finally wash your face with lukewarm water. This
therapy will not only remove blackheads but will also prevent them. It opens our
skin pores and also tightens them. This mixture will also help you get a
golden glowing skin. You can apply this after every three days to get excellent

2. Baking Soda

We all know baking soda is antifungal as well as antibacterial.
But do you know that it can even help in removing blackheads? Mix 1 tablespoon
of baking soda with two tablespoons of water and few drops of lemon juice and
make a paste out of it.

baking soda powder

You can even use toothpaste in place of lemon juice.
Apply this paste on your skin for about 15 – 20 minutes on your skin and then
wash away with warm water. This process should be done daily to get the best

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3. Tomatoes

Fresh Red Tomatoes

Tomatoes can dry up blackheads with their antifungal
property. Every night before going to bed, smash a small tomato and apply it to
the areas that are blackhead affected smoothly and keep it overnight. Wash
your face with clean and warm water in the morning.

4. Clay

Want to remove blackheads from roots? Then bentonite clay will help
you achieve that. It has antifungal and antibacterial properties. Take one spoon
of bentonite clay and mix it with water such that you get a paste of even
consistency. In case you have dry skin avoid using water and use raw milk
instead. Apply it on all the areas where you have those tiny black bumps. Keep it
for a while till the mask dries and then wash your face with lukewarm water. To
have effective results, do this exercise twice a week.

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5. Aloe Vera

Well, this one has so many benefits that you must have been
expecting it in this list too! It controls the excess oil production from the skin
along with soothing it. It also cleanses the pores thus helping you to get rid of
blackheads along with other skin issues.

Aloe vera gel is good for the skin

Take a fresh aloe vera and with the helpof a spoon, extract its gel in a bowl.
If you want you can use the aloe vera gelavailable in the market,
but it won’t be as effective as the natural one. Apply the
gel on your face and let it get entirely into your skin. Wash your face with
running water after that. The best part about aloe vera is that it is suited for
all skin types.

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6. Fenugreek or Methi

Well, this one is all mom’s favorite, so it was mandatory for
me to put it up in the list. It is all mom’s favorite because it is right in all ways,
i.e. you can apply it or you can eat it, in both the ways it will be beneficial for
you. Take one bowl of fenugreek leaves and grind them with water so as to make
a paste of medium consistency. Apply this mask on your face and let it dry for
some time. Wash your face with water and apply moisturizer finally.

7. Green Tea

It is a well-known fact that green tea is rich in anti-oxidants.
Antioxidants make your skin healthy by clearing it. Blackheads can also be
treated with green tea.

tea bags for dark circles

Take 1 teaspoon of dry green tea leaves and mix them
with water to make a paste of even consistency. Apply this paste on the
affected areas for about half an hour and then wash the face with lukewarm

How to prevent future blackheads

You should Wash your face twice a day using a mild cleanser

It is not totally true we can call it a myth that blackheads are caused by poor hygiene. Although , when you wash your face once or twice per day with a mild facial cleanser and water is beneficial. Washing more often than that can actually be abrasive and may make your acne worse.

Keep your skin hydrated using a facial moisturizer

Getting a hydrated face lotion or cream from your local drug store or online. Follow the directions on the box to apply the cream once in the morning and once at night. This will keep your skin from becoming dry and damaged.

Abstain from abrasive scrubs because they might irritate your skin

Most of the people will recommend that you use rough scrubs on your face to get rid of acne. However, these can actually irritate your face and make your acne worse. Use gentle cleansers when washing your face.

Don’t pick your blackheads because this can scar your skin

Popping of blackheads is a rite of passage for many teenagers, but it shouldn’t be. Not only can popping and picking blackheads leave scars, it can spread acne by producing inflammation. Be patient with your acne treatment.

You should Avoid trying to sweat out your blackheads, which can make them worse

You may have heard that you can sweat out a blackhead either with a sauna or exercise. Actually, evidence seems to indicate that high temperatures and humidity can make acne worse. You should probably skip these treatments.

When to consult a doctor

Ask about over-the-counter treatments for stubborn blackheads

Cleansers and creams that contain salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide can help clean your pores. Additionally, benzoyl peroxide kills bacteria. These treatments are usually effective for clearing blackheads. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist if you need help picking the right product for you.

* What you can do is, also buy pore strips over-the-counter to help remove the blackheads.

Get your blackheads extracted if they bother you

While this isn’t mandatory , you may decide to get your blackheads extracted if they’re very visible or you have a lot of them. Your dermatologist can safely clear your pores in their office. What they do is they will use a special tool so that they don’t cause scarring.

* Don’t try to extract the blackheads yourself. It’s easy to cause scarring if you do it at home.

You must Consult a dermatologist if your blackheads don’t go away

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Keep this in mind that your blackheads should clear up after about 4-8 weeks of home care. However, they may persist in some cases. If this happens to you, your dermatologist can prescribe a more powerful treatment to help clear your skin. They may also recommend getting an extraction. Talk to your dermatologist to decide what’s best for you.

* For example , if your dermatologist may advice hormonal birth control or spironolactone to help balance your hormones if topical treatments don’t clear your blackheads.

You should Check with your doctor if you have moderate-to-severe acne, as well

Blackheads can alone typically respond to natural or over-the-counter treatments. Although , you may need additional treatments if you also have other types of acne, like whiteheads or pimples. Your dermatologist can offer you creams or medications to help clear your skin.

* Your dermatologist may give you prescription-strength acne cleansers and creams.

* If you have cystic acne, you may need an antibiotic to help clear your skin.

* You need to take hormonal birth control or spironolactone if your acne and blackheads are caused by hormonal fluctuations.

How to avoid blackheads

While trying to get rid of blackheads, there are certain things you should take care to not do as this may worsen the situation.

  1. Picking or trying to pop blackheads is a complete no-no since it will do nothing to uproot the blackhead from deep within. This may lead to the spread of bacteria and even scar your skin .
  2. At any cost, never try to remove blackheads using tweezers or pointed tools. Even the blackhead removal tools must be left to be used by professionals. You might end up injuring yourself while trying to poke at a blackhead.
  3. Exfoliation is a process that is recommended to get rid of blackheads but using harsh or abrasive ingredients on the skin can cause damage instead of clearing out the blackheads. Also, it can dry out your skin and irritate it further. One of the best way is to opt for gentle scrubs. If it is feasible to go for natural exfoliators like oatmeal, sugar, salt, coffee etc.
  4. Keeping your skin clean goes a long way in not only preventing the formation of blackheads but also acne and pimples. Wash your face daily with a gentle face wash, at the beginning and at the end of the day. Apart from that, keeping it free from grease is important so that oil doesn’t accumulate in the pores. This can be done by using a facial scrub once or twice a week, depending on your skin type.
  5. Replenish your skin’s moisture after each wash by applying a suitable moisturiser. Use non-comedogenic moisturisers so that will not block the pores.
  6. Using skin creams or gels with salicylic acid can help prevent blackheads too. Salicylic acid is a kind of chemical that is often used in pimple and acne eliminating creams. It also finds use in medication to help remove the outer layer of the skin and is often used to treat warts, psoriasis, dandruff, acne, ringworm, and ichthyosis. Using salicylic-based creams can keep your skin fresh and grime-free by exfoliating the top layer, thus avoiding blackheads.

The Takeaway

Follow the abpve mentioned steps to get rid of blackheads naturally. It is good that you treat your blackheads but if they haven’t appeared on your body yet
then remember ”Prevention is better than cure”. Keep yourself clean and tidy not just
to prevent blackheads but many other problems as well. And if you are too late then do
cure them right now!
Else they will leave a scar on your body or face.

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