How to Reduce Chubby Cheeks at Home

How to Reduce Chubby Cheeks at Home

Do you feel you have got chubby cheeks? If you feel so, are you sick of or upset about
having chubby cheeks?
Are you pondering how to get rid of that excess fat from your face?
Are you not able to spot reduce weight from around your face?
How to Reduce Chubby Cheeks at Home?

It so happens that chubby cheeks can make you feel disappointed and can reduce your self-
confidence. Chubby cheeks can make your face look older, hefty and your face will look
bloated during the day.
Don’t worry, we will help you out with a few techniques as in useful tips and facial exercises
that need to be followed and eventually following these techniques, useful tips and facial
exercises, in order to reduce cheek fat, will give you a sculpted, slimmed cheeks and toned
Most importantly, exercise and a healthy diet is very much necessary because to reduce
weight from your cheeks, you not only need to focus on to lose weight from your cheeks but
also, it becomes mandatory to lose weight overall.
We will discuss as for how to reduce chubby cheeks at home.

How to Reduce Chubby Cheeks at Home

Follow these tips :

1. Eat three healthy and balanced meals each day. Adding on to it. Consume lots of
fruits, vegetables, healthy carbs and a lot of proteins and calcium-rich foods in your
2. Start a healthy exercise routine for just thirty minutes every day. Any exercise is going
to help increase your metabolism, reduce cheek fat and slim your face.
3. Burn 250 calories a day so that your body will use up fat as stored energy and cut
500 calories in a healthy manner either through your routine diet or through
4. Avoid junk foods, unhealthy processed foods, and foods that contain a high amount of
sugar, oil, salt, and starch as they retain water in your body. Exercise will take the best
care of it.
5. Doing strength training at the gym like using machine weights, dumbbells etc will help
you preserve muscle all over face as well as your body.
6. Get 7-8 hours of sleep every night as it will prevent your face from looking puffed up
during the day. Try to have a routine sleeping schedule.
If you exercise and eat a healthy meal right, you start to see both facial weight loss and
overall weight after trimming down around one pound in a week’s time although
exercising and consume good choices of food for a healthier diet will strengthen the
body and improve health.
So here we go with different ways you can do to make your face look slimmer naturally.

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Effective Tips to Lose Fat in Your Face

  • Drink lots of water:

    It is when you are not drinking enough water, that your cheeks stores excess water
    which in turn makes your face look chubby and bulky.

    Drinking water for healthier body
    The main target you need to strive for is to drink plenty of water,
    at least 8 ounces of water each day. This will keep your
    body from being hydrated and make your face look slimmer and reduce chubby cheeks
    in less time.

  • Consume good food choices for a healthier diet:

    Consume a lot of fresh vegetables, fruits; eat more calcium-rich foods from dairy sources
    like milk or yogurt, foods with fish, fiber and many other protein foods. Other good
    foods include spinach, almonds and broccoli shall be added to your diet. These food
    choices not only help you maintain more healthy eating habits but will help you retain
    less water in your face and make your cheeks look less chubby.
    Great Facial exercises to firm and tone your cheeks.

  • Chew gum:

    Chewing gum won’t let you feel like you are doing an exercise. Make a
    habit of chewing sugar-free gum for just twenty minutes post lunch and dinner. It
    melts fat cells from your face and flattens chubby cheeks.

    Chew gum to reduce chubby cheeks
    Monotonously chewing will help cut calories from the cheeks and strengthen your jaw.
    Make sure you do not chew gum for so long that it starts hurting your jaw.

Exercises For Cheek Fat To Do At Home

  1. Blow Balloons:

    Hold a balloon and fill the air in it, release the air content and repeat this
    procedure for at least around ten minutes time. You will be able to notice the
    difference in just a week’s time.

  2. Do The “X-O” Exercise:

    Tremendously keep pronouncing “X-O” at least 15-20 times.
    Take a short break for a while and then repeat this motion three to four times. This
    will help move your jaw in two unlike ways, which will thus help in strengthen your
    jaw and make your cheeks look less chubby.

  3. Do The Jaw Opener:

    Open your mouth round and wide. Hold this pose for a few
    seconds. Then, for some time, relax your jaw and ensure you follow it repeatedly for
    nine more times, for a series of ten continuous repetitions.

    Jaw open
    You can again perform this move three times a day.

  4. Do the Cheek Lift:

    Cheek lifting is a powerful exercise to reduce facial fat. Lift up your
    cheeks towards your eyes as high as you can. Use the edges of your mouth to help
    lift your cheeks. You can even close your eyes tightly. This can help lift your cheeks.
    Hold each cheek lift for ten seconds and keep switching sides. Repeat this exercise
    several times throughout the day.

  5. Make “Fish Lips”:

    This exercise aims the fat on your lower cheeks and around the
    chin. Suck in your cheeks until you are making fish lips by puckering out from your upper
    and lower lip. Hold this posture as you smile. If you have an expressive face,
    keep smiling. If you hold the smile, your face will look leaner. Do this for 10 seconds and
    repeat the posture for nearly ten times. This facial exercise strengthens your upper
    cheek muscles and makes your face look sculpted, slender and young.

  6. Make Puffy Cheeks:

    Close your mouth, take a deep breath and fill your cheeks with
    air. Then push the air from one cheek to the other cheek as gently as you can. Try to
    move the air from your left cheek to your right cheek and hold the air for 10 seconds
    and finally switch to your left cheek from your right cheek and hold the air for 10
    seconds. Exhale the air! Do this at least 10 times, and take the time to fill your
    cheeks with air again if required. Replicate this exercise three times on a daily basis.

  7. Massage your Cheeks after Exercising:

    After completing a series of exercises, gently rub your fingers over your cheeks as
    well as the jaw in a circular movement. This will help relieve tension and
    soreness after the series of exercises.

  8. Smile:

    Smiling exercise is one of the best and simple facial exercise as it tightens the
    cheeks and mouth, and reacts on your facial muscles. Always bring out that smile on
    your face as it may draw attention away from your cheeks.

    chubby cheeks smiling
    You can just smile on your own, but don’t blink your eyes.
    Holding your smile and clench your teeth for approximately 10 seconds and repeat
    this pose ten times, or you can aim of smiling all the time in your daily life.
    This will, in turn, make people around you be happy too.

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The Takeaway

Try these facial exercises now to decrease in your cheek fat.
These facial exercises work by not only strengthening facial muscles but also reducing
drooping skin in the face and make it look slimmer and young. Always remember! Accept
the looks you were born with additionally self-confidence and self-esteem is the best
attractiveness boost. It can help you feel more enthusiastic and positive throughout the day.


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