How To Reduce Chubby Cheeks At Home Naturally

How to Reduce Chubby Cheeks at Home

Are you tired of carrying around your chubby cheeks? If you feel so, do you also feel ashamed of having chubby cheeks? Are you considering how to get rid of that excess fat from your face? Wondering how to reduce chubby cheeks at home?

Are you worried that even after trying several techniques you aren’t able to get rid of that fat? Don’t fret anymore! We bring you some of the best home remedies and exercises to get that face fat reduced for you.

No more asking yourself how to get rid of face fat. Get ready to achieve a sharper and slimmer face.

How Do Chubby Cheeks Or Double Chin Occur?

A double chin, otherwise called submental fat, is a typical condition that happens when a layer of fat starts to residue beneath your chin. A double chin is frequently connected with weight gain, yet you don’t need to be overweight to have one. Hereditary qualities or loose skin because of maturing may likewise cause a double chin.

It’s often observed that when you are trying to lose the overall weight from your body, you lose fat from everywhere. Including your face. The main reason behind the puffiness of your cheeks might be bloating or the type of diet you may follow at home. For some people who might be slim and healthy, still having a chubby cheek may be quite humiliating.

It so happens that chubby cheeks can make you feel disappointed and can reduce your self-confidence. Although chubby cheeks may suit some people with certain body types. It can also make your body look out of proportion at times for others.

It is really necessary for you to bring certain changes in your diet first of all. By taking these small steps progressively only then can you lose those chubby cheeks.

Tips For Reducing The Face Fat:

  • Lowering of sugar and salt consumption:

Controlling your sugar and salt intake can result in reducing the water retention levels in the face. Consuming salty snacks, junk foods and sugary desserts will result in a puffy face. Especially if you consume them before going to sleep.

  • Drink lots of water:

Drinking water for healthier body

Not drinking enough water makes your body to start conserving water. When you’re not drinking enough water you become dehydrated. So your body becomes even more desperate to store excess water. The excess water is then stored at your face and belly and other regions as well. Which makes your face puffy and bloated. You should at least drink 3 liters of water daily.

  • Taking care of your weight:

weight loss for face fat

If you’ve gained weight or obese. The best way to lose face fat is to lose overall body weight. Start doing some full body exercises and follow a healthier diet. This will not only help you shed excess fat. But the first thing you’ll start losing is your face fat.

  • Limiting or stopping the overall alcohol consumption:

Consuming alcohol leads to dehydration. Which then forces your body to retain excess water. This results in the puffiness of the face and the bloatedness of your belly. Also, alcohol doesn’t have much nutritional value. So even if you like drinking limiting yourself from it will help you a lot.

  • Do face exercises regularly:

Pronouncing X-O exercise profoundly, chewing gum and even doing face exercises will result in loss of face fat.

Most importantly, for a full body makeover. Full-body exercise and a healthy diet are very much necessary because to reduce weight from your cheeks, you not only need to focus on to lose weight from your cheeks but also, it becomes mandatory to lose weight overall.

We will discuss now how to reduce chubby cheeks at home.

Different ways to Reduce Chubby Cheeks at Home

Maintain a Healthy Diet:

Eat three healthy and balanced meals each day.
Adding on to it, consume lots of fruits, vegetables, healthy carbs and a lot of proteins and calcium-rich foods in your diet.

how to reduce chubby cheeks at home - Eat healthy

Adding healthy food components in your diet in place junk foods is an important step. Junk foods often result in a bloated stomach and other digestive issues. The reason behind is that junk food is often made with chemical preservatives and too much seasoning. Our body is often not able to digest the preservatives and seasonings at one go. Drinking not enough water to assist digestion results in water retention and puffing up of the face.

Exercise Frequently:

Begin a sound exercise routine for only thirty minutes regularly. Any activity is going to help in increasing your digestion rate. While lessening cheek fat and thin your face. All sorts of exercises focus on mainly one thing. That is sweating out the fat from our body. Since we burn out our fat in the form of sweat, this helps in reducing the cheek and chin fat from our face.

Burn 250 calories a day so that your body will use up fat as stored energy and cut 500 calories in a healthy manner either through your routine diet or through exercise.

Get Rid Of the Junk:

Avoid junk foods, unhealthy processed foods, and foods that contain a high amount of sugar, oil, salt, and starch as they retain water in your body. Exercise will take the best care of it. It’s a known fact that junk food makes you gain fat, plus it has no nutritional value. Junk food tastes good and for making it taste good lot’s of spices are used which are not good for the body.

how to reduce chubby cheeks at home - avoid junk

Desserts such as ice-creams, pastries, sugary drinks, and sodas also lead to fat gain. Try not to consume sugary treats whenever you feel tired. It’s a myth that sugar gives you long-lasting energy. Sugar may provide you with a temporary amount of energy which is known as the ‘sugar high’. After some time you become tired once again and crave for something sugary once more.

Strength Training and Cardio:

Doing strength training or cardio exercises in the gym helps to burn the overall body fat. In fact, it tones up the body parts pretty nicely. People who don’t prefer weight lifting or using gym equipment can opt for cardio training or yoga.

how to reduce chubby cheeks at home by exercise

Cardio training helps you work the whole body and makes your heart pump out heavily. The heat generated within the body by doing cardio exercises makes your fat burn and sweat a lot. Cardio training also strengthens your stamina level. Making you fitter every day.

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Yoga is also a better option as it requires stretching of the body along with regulating your breathing techniques. Yoga is not a vigorous form of exercise, though it’ll help you burn a lot of calories.

Get More Sleep:

Getting at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night is a must. Not getting enough sleep results in tiredness. Also being tired results in losing lots of energy, and whenever you eat something sweet it’d result in water retention on your face. Try to have a routine sleeping schedule.good sleep is necessary for a healthy mind and body.

how to reduce chubby cheeks at home by sleeping more

If you start exercising and eat a healthy meal right. You’ll start to see both facial weight loss and overall weight loss. After trimming down around a few pounds in a few weeks. Although exercising and consume good choices of food for a healthier diet will strengthen the body and improve health.

So here we go with different ways you can do to make your face look slimmer naturally. In case your double chin is because of weight gain, shedding fat may dispose of it or reduce it. The most ideal approach to get in shape is to eat a solid eating routine and exercise consistently.

Exercises For Cheek Fat To Do At Home

Blow Balloons:

Blowing balloons is a unique way to exercise your facial muscles. While blowing a balloon we are forced to stretch out our cheek muscles. The stretching out of these tissues helps in reducing the fat stored in our faces to some extent.
You can do this exercise regularly by just blowing air into a single balloon for about 10 to 15 times. Also, you can blow balloons for special occasions at home such as birthdays.

Do The “X-O” Exercise:

Spelling X-O profoundly will help you work your face muscles. Doing this 30 times a day will help work your jaw muscles a lot. You can also repeat the exercise two times a day.

Do The Jaw Opener:

how to reduce chubby cheeks at home - jaw opener

This exercise is a sort of stretching exercise for your jaws. All you need to do is open your mouth wide enough so that you can feel the pull on your mouth. Stay like that for a few moments and then close your mouth. You’ll feel the pull. Do this stretching exercise for minimum 10 times a day. It’s not necessary to do it at one go. You can try this exercise after waking up in the morning, before going to sleep or whenever convenient.

Do the Cheek Lift:

The Cheek lifting is a powerful exercise. It helps reduce facial fat a lot. Lift up your cheeks towards your eyes as high as you can. Use the edges of your mouth to help lift your cheeks. You can even close your eyes tightly. This can help lift your cheeks.

Hold each cheek lift for ten seconds and keep switching sides. Repeat this exercise several times throughout the day.

Make “Fish Lips”:

This exercise aims the fat on your lower cheeks and around the chin. Suck in your cheeks until you are making fish lips by puckering out from your upper and lower lip. Hold this posture as you smile. If you have an expressive face, keep smiling. If you hold the smile, your face will look leaner. Do this for 10 seconds and repeat the posture for nearly ten times. This facial exercise strengthens your upper cheek muscles and makes your face look sculpted, slender and young.

Make Puffy Cheeks:

Close your mouth, take a deep breath and fill your cheeks with air. Then push the air from one cheek to the other cheek as gently as you can. Try to move the air from your left cheek to your right cheek and hold the air for 10 seconds and finally switch to your left cheek and follow the same. Exhale the air! Do this at least 10 times, and take the time to fill your cheeks with air again if required. Replicate this exercise three times on a daily basis. This is how to get rid of face fat quickly.

Jaw flexes:

Doing this will help you reduce the double chin. Making your face look less heavy. For this exercise, you need to tightly shut your mouth. As in covering your upper lip with the lower lip to create a tightness on the lower jaw. Next, you’ve to tilt your head upwards. This would stretch your lower jaw muscles as well as the muscles near your ears. Do this exercise for 10 to 15 times a day.


Smiling exercise is one of the best and simple facial exercises as it tightens thecheeks and mouth, and reacts on your facial muscles. Always bring out that smile on your face as it may draw attention away from your cheeks.

Smile to reduce face fat

You can just smile on your own, but don’t blink your eyes. Holding your smile and clench your teeth for approximately 10 seconds and repeat this pose ten times. Smiling doesn’t require a lot of effort. Smiling does not only help you lose some fats. But it also releases the “happy hormones” which keeps your mood elevated throughout the day.

Massage your Cheeks after Exercising:

After completing the facial exercises your facial muscles become slightly sore. To eliminate this soreness a simple facial massage will suffice. The massage helps in regulating the facial tissues and the blood circulation on the face. Massaging your own face will help you reduce your physical stress and headache to some extent.

Facial massaging can be done while taking a bath, before going to bed or after waking up from sleep. Also, self-face massages can be done in the work hours too, simply to relieve the stress.

Alternatives For Reducing Chubby Cheeks And A Double Chin

Drink Green Tea:

Sometimes drinking green tea can help to burn your body fat faster. It acts as an antioxidant which detoxifies our body from all the toxic substances present inside. With detoxification and fat burning qualities, green tea also helps to bring back the glow on your skin.

Treating Swollen Cheeks with Medication:

Sometimes swollen cheeks can be mistaken as chubby cheeks. If you see that your face fat isn’t reducing at all, it’s high time that you get it checked by a doctor.

Several medical reasons such as;

  • Unknown facial injury
  • Allergies
  • Tooth Abscess and Tooth Ache
  • Swollen glands
  • Mumps
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Can cause such swollen cheeks or muscle jaws. Treating such medical issues with the help of proper medicines will help you reduce swollen cheeks. Make sure you get yourself checked as soon as possible if that’s the case.

Chewing Gum:

Chewing gum is another fun way to exercise your facial muscles. This can be done in your pass time. All you need to do is buy chewing that you like and pop it in your mouth!
Chewing the gum is a good exercise for your jaw muscles, plus blowing it out works your cheek muscles.

how to reduce chubby cheeks at home by chewing gum

Chewing gums have multiple benefits, such as:

  • It helps reduce the double chin.
  • Works the jaw muscles.
  • Stretches the cheek muscles.
  • The saliva secreted while chewing gum helps to improve our digestion.
  • It’s a way of releasing the stress and loosens the jaw muscles when they become stiff under stress.
  • Works as a distraction when you’re under a lot of mental pressure.

Neck exercises:

Doing neck exercises help you stretch the neck and reduces the double chin. This helps in diminishing the heavy look on your face and cures sore neck. Neck exercises male your neck more flexible. It preserves and widens the range of our vision at the same time.

Neck exercises strengthen the nape and shoulders. Some of the neck exercises that you can do at home are as follows:

  • Side to side neck stretches:
    Gently stretch your neck as far as you can towards your shoulder. Don’t stretch much if it hurts too much though. After leaning your head sideways towards one side of the shoulder. Hold it for 5 to 10 seconds approximately.
    Then gently bring back the head to its normal position. Then repeat the same process for the other side of the shoulder.

Do this exercise at least 10 to 15 times a day.

  • Up and down neck stretches:
    Stretch your head upwards until you can see the ceiling (or the sky in case you are exercising outdoors). Next, hold the position for roughly 5 to 10 seconds then start moving your head downwards.
    Try touching your chin to your chest as much as possible.
  • Neck rotation:
    This involves the neck to rotate complete circulation motions both clockwise and anti-clockwise. While doing this exercise take extra precaution that your neck doesn’t get hurt unnecessarily. You can alternately rotate your head and hold the end position for about 5 seconds.

Do the exercise about 10 times (each side) a day.

Reduce or Quit Smoking:

Although it’s better to completely quit smoking, it’s still difficult to give up completely. Smoking is known to cause premature aging. It also causes wrinkles in the face and loosens the skin. This is another reason for saggy or droopy double chins. Smoking cigarettes worsen your skin quality and health. Smokers who want to lose their saggy skin and bring back your original healthy look back. Quitting and limiting smoking is the only option you have got.

When you stop smoking, the wrinkles and sagging may not disappear entirely. But the blood flow in the face will regulate. This is how to get rid of face fat and bring back your natural glow to some extent.

While you would need to start exercising as it’s the only way to escalate your progress towards a healthy body. Simple yoga and light exercises would be advisable since doing hardcore cardio and lifting exercises would be taxing for a person who recently quit smoking.

Taking proper health supplements such as biotin and other nutrients will be helpful as well.

The Takeaway

These are some of the reasons and solutions behind your chubby cheeks and double chin. We all know the bad effects of chubby cheeks and double chin on us. This is how to get rid of face fat easily and quickly.

The extra fat on your face makes you look older and lazier, which we don’t want people to assume about us. Losing or gaining fat face isn’t difficult. As it’s the first place in your body that gets affected while maintaining an improper diet.

Not consuming enough water neither controlling your diet are one of the reasons of getting chubby cheeks and double chin.

So without any delay start making changes in your diet plan for the better. Don’t be lazy or reluctant on making some difficult changes in your daily life regarding this. It may seem difficult to get accustomed to the changes at first. But gradually when you’ll start noticing the changes within your body, there’d be no problems following them.

Even if you don’t like to exercise much make sure to check your diet. Especially, when it comes to junk food. Cutting low on junk food is one of the best compromises that one can make. Instead of consuming junk foods on a regular basis. It’d we better only if you treat yourself to some junk food on a few occasions at times. This ensures that you maintain a healthy diet whereas you get to enjoy your junk food to some extent.

quit junk and obesity

If you are fat or obese and tired of how you look. Then it’s high time you start bringing changes in your physical appearance. Try doing exercises that would help you lose your overall body fat. This would ensure that you stay fit although the entire result may take some time to show up on your body. Still, worry not! To increase the rate of fat loss from your body try maintaining a simple and healthy diet. That would fasten your weight loss along with the exercise routine.

Unhealthy habits such as smoking and drinking should also be abhorred. They aren’t useful for the body but instead, they are harmful to the body. Getting addicted to them is hazardous to health. Try not to indulge yourself too much in smoking and drinking. Even if you prefer to follow such habits, limit yourself extremely. This will help stay healthy and live a longer life. Plus your skin won’t be harmed and no saggy skin will happen.


So we can conclude that, to achieve a slimmer and sharper face you have to:

  • Control your sugar and salt intake.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Do exercise regularly that’ll help you lose fat.
  • Follow some face exercises regularly.
  • If there’s a medical issue, get it checked as soon as possible.
  • Stop smoking and drinking.
  • Massage your face daily after doing face exercises.
  • Maintain a proper diet that reduces bloating and water retention of the face.

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