How to Remove Upper Lip Hair Permanently

How to Remove Upper Lip Hair Permanently Naturally at Home

Are you pondering how to remove upper lip hair permanently at home naturally?
Are you tired of visiting beauty salon now and then just to get rid of that pesky upper lip hair?
Do you have an allergic reaction after threading done on your upper lips in the beauty salon?
Or have tried various high-priced products in order to remove those unwanted embarrassing lip hair?
And after being tried, were they unsuccessful in getting a worthwhile solution?

Getting Rid of Upper Lip Hair

It is a huge concern for females because they spend a lot of money buying products and
services like hair trimmers, waxing strips, razors, depilatory creams etc to get rid of the upper
lip hair but none of them turn out to be effective and as the noticeable upper lip hair is a
a subject of attention, it remains to be a nightmare.

What Causes Upper Lip Hair?

The unwanted upper lip hair can be due to hormonal imbalance. This hormonal imbalance can
cause upper lip hair to grow more than normal. Other causes may be due to genetic/hereditary or even ethnic factors. Polycystic ovary syndrome is considered to be a common disorder in women which facilitate the hair growth on the upper lip

Now, that you came across this article, you have seemed to finally found a solution to it to
remove those upper lip hairs naturally by just using natural methods which will not only be
less costly but also reduce hair growth, later it will eventually eliminate the small hairs with
time. Check out our article on Indian Diet Plan for Healthy Skin and Hair to how diet affects
your skin and health.

Following are some of the home treatment procedure that is very simple, easy, and effective
and the ingredients are easily available from your kitchen that removes your hair over your
upper lip naturally. Have a look!

How to Remove Upper Lip Hair Permanently at Home Naturally

1. Turmeric

Turmeric is the nature’s best potion and an age-old home remedy in hair removal
along with the other productive home remedies. All you have to do is take a small
bowl, make a mixture of both turmeric and water, but make sure it is an appropriate
one. Neither it should become too much liquidy nor too thick.

Turmeric Powder

Place it over the upper lip hair in the thicker glaze for about half an hour. Rinse it with water completely. Pursue this remedy repeatedly for about 4 weeks. This will help you in getting of rid of upper lip hair with time.

2. Egg white

You will be surprised to note that, this particular ingredient also works well
in removing upper lip hairs apart from being cooked and eaten up. It helps to get rid
of any impurities or blackheads on the skin. Make a mixture with a spoon full of corn
flour, sugar of same quantity and most importantly consider only the white portion of
the egg by removing yolk.

Egg whites

Blend the mixture well and leave it over the hair formed over
the portion of your upper lip for about half an hour. Peel it off slowly and apply a
light moisturizer. Repeat this remedy until you see good results.

3. Sugar

Sugar causes less pain and skin irritation while you wish to get rid of hair formed over
the upper portion of your lip and prevents the growth of new hair. Add a spoon of
sugar on a small pan and make sure you heat it for about two minutes on a low flame.

Then, add lemon juice to it. Mix both the ingredients well until the thick liquid is
formed. Once the thick mixture is applied over your upper lip, leave it till it cools
down. Place a cloth over the applied area and press, and gradually pull it from the
bottom. You will notice the unwelcomed hair coming out in cloth consistently.

4. Gram Flour

Gram flour is an excellent exfoliating agent. It is considered to be the best natural
remedy as they do not give side effects like any other. Make a mixture of gram flour
with lemon and blend it well. Stir it until you observe the yellow color liquid being
formed. Place it over the hair on the upper lip and let it sit for around 20 minutes.
It is a great ingredient to remove unwanted upper lip hair permanently at home naturally.

5. Lemon and Honey

Lemon and honey are the best exfoliators will permit you to get rid of the unwanted
hair naturally. The lemon and honey combination is helpful in saying goodbye to
upper lip hair permanently.

All you have to do is take a bowl, mix little more of honey with the combination of
lemon juice in it. Once it is stirred well, dip cotton into the mixture and apply it over
the hair on your upper lip. Leave it to dry and then remove it. Pursue this remedy for
consistently two times a week to see better results sooner.

6. Potato Juice

Potato juices, a bleaching agent, is also useful in removing hair and trust me, it works
wonderfully to bring a natural glow without any cosmetics. Take a raw potato sliced
and pat it over the hair over your upper lip. Before you go to bed, apply it every night.
You will get to see the result within a month’s time.

7. Papaya

Papaya works as natural bleach that helps break down the hair follicles and hampers
the hair from growing back. Blend one tablespoon of raw papaya flesh. Mix the raw
papaya flesh with turmeric powder ingredient thoroughly.

Papaya hair removal

Dip cotton into the mixture and applies the paste on your upper lip hair.
Leave it for 15 minutes and then rinse it off with warm water completely.
Repeat this remedy as and when required.
This method will remove your upper lip hair permanently in few weeks.

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Upper Lip Hair Removal Tips

We hope these remedies were of a fruitful one. In addition to it, adhere to certain tips that are
required to be persisted:

  • Eat a proper healthy diet.
  • You may select one remedy and continue with the same. Not necessarily you need to
    try all the remedies at once.
  • Always try with a sample first as in a patch test on your upper thigh or arm before
    trying the remedy on your face.
  • After the remedy used, apply a moisturizer or you can even use an ice pack on your lip
    to the soothing soft skin.
  • Do not go out in the sun immediately after removal of hair to forbid chances of further
    causing irritation, swelling or redness of your skin.

The Takeaway

Finally, you can easily get a wonderful change from that “mustache” to the hairless skin. By
just using these natural home remedies revealed earlier in this article, you know how to remove upper lip hair permanently at home naturally and you can now say good
bye to that unwanted hair forming over the portion of your upper lip and easily get a
wonderful glow over your skin.

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