Indian Vegetarian Version of GM Diet Plan

Vegetarian Version of GM Diet Plan

The GM diet plan is something everyone wants to follow for quick weight loss. This Diet is very popular all over the world for the fact that it leads to very fast weight loss. There comes a time in the life of every overweight person, when they are ready to follow any hardship to lose some quick kgs. GM diet is the rescuer.

Benefits of GM diet:

This diet was assembled by General motor company for its employees. This is the reason why it is named as General motor diet or GM diet. This Diet plan has many benefits because of the way it is designed.

Weight loss quickly

The most important benefit of the GM diet is that it helps in quick weight loss. Mostly people drop around 3-6 kgs weight in just 1 week. Miraculous isn’t it?


This diet helps in Flushing off the toxins from your system. It mainly involves eating loads and loads of fruits and vegetables every day. This helps in providing micronutrients to the body.

Rest to the gut

The items prescribed in this diet do not crowd the gut, and hence provide rest to your entire digestive system. This also helps in better elimination of wastes and toxins.

Do’s GM diet:

Increased Water intake

When you are on a GM diet, you need to ensure that you consume at least 10 glasses of water every day. Gm diet has a strict diet regime. It may often lead to headaches, malaise, profound sweating, and weakness. These side effects can increase in cases of dehydration. Hence maintaining proper hydration will keep you off these side effects. Better cleansing of the body system is also done by this diet.

Eat a variety of vegetables and fruits

This diet basically comprises of vegetable as well as fruits intake. If you are keen on following it for the week, make sure you buy a huge variety of fruits and vegetables beforehand. Including different varieties of fruits and vegetables will ensure the availability of all micronutrients to your body. This will help you sustain the monotony and keep the side effects away.


Although this diet plan is good for quick weight loss, it is preferable to follow a 45 minutes exercise/walking routine for 7 days. This will ensure that your muscles are toned as well as you lose weight from the right areas.

Don’ts of GM diet:

Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol contains a hell lot of calories, leave apart the toxins it inserts in your system. Gm diet is a very low-calorie diet plan. If you intake Alcohol while following this diet, it may lead to hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) episodes. It can cause blackouts, drowsiness, and fainting.

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The vegetarian GM Diet plan:

Day 1:

On the first day of this plan, you are required to eat only fruits. The quantity of intake is not defined, and hence you can eat till you feel full.

My Take:

To make this healthier, I would suggest you to –

  • Include a huge variety of fruits. Take all colors of fruit to get maximum benefits of the antioxidant Red, yellow and green eat them all.
  • Whenever possible eat fruits with the peel, this will help in increasing your fiber intake. Like in case of apple and pear. This fiber will help you keep away from hunger pangs and will make you feel full.
  • Fruits like pineapple, orange,lemon, sweet lime, strawberries lnown as citrus fruits will provide you with a lot of Vitamin C. This will help you in flushing off the wastes and keep a good shine on your face and hair.
  • Melon fruits should ne eaten– Melon fruits are high in water content. They will lead to increased urination, helping you flush the toxins and also water weight. This is specifically helpful in cases of water retention.

Day 2:

This is your vegetable day. This function is similar to fruits. The variety ensures that most micronutrients are provided to the body. You people can boil them, steam them, have it raw or make a soup out of it. You can have 1 cup of baked or boiled potato too.

My Take

  • Have the boiled/baked potato for breakfast. This will ensure a good and energetic start to your day. If you don’t like only potatoes, you can try this apple and potato salad.
  • Use spices to make you boiled/steamed vegetables taste good. No point eating them bland and then losing your motivation to move ahead.
  • Squeezing lemon on your veggies will not only add taste but also provide Vitamin C to assure tha glowing face.
  • If you are fond of salads, here is a good recipie.
  • Add some green tea to your day to ensure detoxification. (without sugar)

Day 3:

The third day is a blend of the first 2 days. On this day you can have all the veggies and fruits you ate on the previous days. What you need to do isnavoid potatoes and bananas on this day.

My Take:

Yes, monotony is boring. My advice is if you really want to enjoy this week while you lose weight, try your hands at a variety of recipes instead of sticking to a lone fruit or steamed veggie. Yes, there are a lot of tasty possibilities with this combination.

Day 4:

This is a high potassium and high carbs day. This will help in replenishing your energy stores. You are allowed to eat up to 8 bananas and 4 glasses of milk on this day.  You can disburse the rest of the time eating fruits and vegetables or even vegetable soup (no cream).

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My Take:

The Smoothie day, as I call it is a blessing in disguise, after the 3 days of munching on veggies and fruits, your taste buds would love the change. Just blend a smoothie out of 2 bananas and a glass of milk.

  • In a small personal experiment, I changed the bananas to mangoes (total 4 .no) and I saw the same effect. Mangoes are equally high in potassium as well as in carbs. Plus the combination is irresistible for me. You can try it too. This made me recharge my motivation to finish up the pending days.
  • Recipe for simple,low calorie vegetable soup (Fast to cook too).

Day 5:

This is the protein day. You need to include paneer, curd, soy milk, soya chunks along with 6 tomatoes. The original diet needs you to eat 10 oz of beef, which provides around 60 – 70 gms of protein. To meet this, you need to eat either 500 Gms of paneer or you can also have 250 Gms of paneer + 20 gms of soya chunks + 150 ml curd.

My Take:

I observed a good drop in weight on this day.

  • I don’t like eating plain paneer, I mean it is bland and I doubt if anyone really could eat it plain. So I suggest you grate some carrots and lots of chopped Bell pepper (very good for weight loss), onion and tomatoes. Make paneer bhurji (something like scrambled egg) out of it in 1 tsp olive oil. I used a lot of spices like cardamom ,cinnamon, cloves for taste.
  • If you like soups, you can make a vegetable soup as well as add small paneer cubes to it along with some chopped veggies on top.
  • If you are an eggitarian, you could replace paneer with egg whites.
  • Some people suggest eating brown rice on this day. I found it irrelevant.  Brown rice is not protein for sure.
  • We can use 6 tomatoes in diets or as a juice along with other veggies.

Day 6:

Day 6 is more or less like your day 5. You can incorporate similar foodstuff in an increased quantity if needed.

Day 7:

On the last day, you can continue to eat the vegetables as well as fruits of your choice (avoid the high carbs ones) along with a cup of brown rice at lunch.

If you have done it all, at the end of the week you would find yourself weighing lighter than before.  I observed that every time I fought hunger while following the plan, I was full of demotivation and moreover, I wanted to give up instantly. But tried to control that emotion by telling myself that GM diet is about restricting food groups on particular days and not about remaining hungry. So I went on to eat what was allowed until I felt my stomach was full. This at least helped me in finishing what I started.

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