Low Carb Foods Vegetarian Food List

The main age-old question asked by people is how can I lose weight? and how can I lose it fast?
To answer the above question I will share with you a List of Low Carb Foods for Vegetarians, which will answer all the above questions.

Now many more questions will arrive in your mind,
How can I have an effective weight loss?
Should I follow the keto diet?
Should I follow the Indian Low carb diet for weight loss?

I will answer all of your questions. That’s why I have written this article in the first place?
Yes, follow the low carb diet with low fat and high fibre. This is the key to permanent weight loss.

Thumb Role Of Losing Fat

I know you all you guys who have been following the keto diet have always wondered what keto (ketogenic) foods you should be eating that are Low carb and stay under your calorie intake.
Which means u have to eat foods that are high in fat and knowing that,

1g of fat =9kcal

We are certainly limited to your choice of food.!
Here’s the solution, even though your calorie intake is limited you can have these foods as much as u even because these foods are low carb, low fat and packed with fibre. Most of all it is all vegan!

A high fibre content means u get rid of those stubborn stools in your body which aids to weight loss.
This list can also be used for people who are not in the keto diet.
So here’s my pick, a list of low carb foods for vegetarians brought to you by Beautiful quickly :

List of Low Carb Foods for Vegetarians

Below is a massive list of zero carb foods for you vegetarians.

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1. Iceberg Lettuce

Iceberg Lettuce

Iceberg Lettuce is a leafy green vegetable that is commonly used in salads, burgers or sandwiches. Despite the fact that it is not quite the go-to veggie because of the lesser-known nutritional benefits that it offers.

Not only it is low in calories which means you can eat large head lettuce for under 105 kcal, but it also is high in fibre and low in carbohydrates, isn’t that surprising?
Well if it isn’t, then you should know that it is also rich in Vitamin A, C, K, and B6.

Vitamin A helps to cure night blindness, Vitamin C helps in repairing skin, Vitamin K helps in blood clotting, birth-related problems or defects can be avoided if pregnant women include iceberg lettuce in their diet. Along with the crunchy taste that it gives it is rich in potassium which protects from heart disease and keeps blood pressure levels in check.

2. Zucchini


Zucchini is yet another vegetable that is not only low in calorific value, low carb but keto-friendly too. It can be light or dark green in colour, and mostly full of antioxidant juice. Zucchini being low in carbohydrates and fat which is really is ideal for weight loss.

Zucchini is packed with high Vitamin C content which fights asthma and helps in repairing skin. It has Vitamin A which is good for the eyes.

The high fibre in Zucchini not only helps you in digestion bypassing the stools easily but also helps in preventing colon cancer. Zucchini helps in fighting Diabetes and down the ageing process.

The presence of Zinc in Zucchini helps in hair growth and the Vitamins help in fixing the hair-splitting. The low carb content in Zucchini qualifies it as perfect keto-friendly food.
A quick fact – Zucchini is the only vegetable that starts with the alphabet Z.

3. Bell Peppers

Bell Peppers
Be it red, green, yellow or orange Bell peppers are not only colourful but highly nutritious as well. Bell peppers are also known as Capsicum in places such as India. This colourful bell-shaped veggie packs a good amount of fibre per serving which is really what you’re looking for when on a weight loss journey.
Bell peppers are low fat, low carb alternatives to other flavouring veggies such as chilly and paprika. They help in increasing your metabolism so that you burn calories even while your resting.

This superfood is a cup’s serving contains all of your recommended daily allowance (RDA) of Vitamin A and C. The Vitamin E in the Bell peppers help in keeping your hair and skin healthy.

The Anti-inflammatory and Antioxidant Properties in Bell peppers help in tackling signs of ageing and keeping you younger for longer. Vitamin K helps in blood clotting and fighting birth-related problems. The low carb content in this superfood qualifies it as perfect keto-friendly food. Bell Peppers are definitely going to be in my list of low carb foods for vegetarians.

4. Spinach



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Spinach is the perfect example of a leafy green vegetable that is not only easy to take in large quantities but also highly nutritious. It is very low in fat, has low calories and low carb veggie that is perfect for vegans and keto diet.

This one vegetable is heavily packed with nutrients in a low carb, the low-fat package that’s why we see Popeye eating it all the time. One quick fact is that boiling Spinach for a longer duration can mean losing all the important nutrients and benefits it offers.

This Cruciferous vegetable helps in Asthma prevention, Diabetes management and also Cancer prevention. Spinach has high potassium and Vitamin H or Biotin content which can help in lowering blood pressure.

The Vitamin K in Spinach is important for adequate bone health and blood clotting tasks, whereas Vitamin A helps in fighting night blindness and keeping skin and hair healthy. Spinach being a vegetable is surprisingly high in protein content which is necessary for muscle development.

Spinach has high fibre content to help to pass those stubborn stools easily. This Cruciferous vegetable is rich in iron and magnesium which help in the absorption of nutrients and energy metabolism.

The low carb content in Spinach qualifies it as perfect keto-friendly food. Spinach is going to be in my list of low carb foods for vegetarians from now on.

5. Asparagus


The most widely eaten low carb, a low-fat nutrient is probably Asparagus, which is high in fibre too. Asparagus is very popular in Europe.
It is highly impressive with its rich nutrient content at a very-low-calorie value.

Asparagus is high in vitamin K, which is the blood clotting vitamin. Something else to know about asparagus nutrition is that the unique chemical properties of asparagus make it act as a natural diuretic, which means asparagus promotes the production of urine.

There is a significant amount of folate in asparagus, making it a very awesome veggie for moms to get rid of all birth-related disorders. High fibre in Asparagus aids bowel movement which aids to weight loss.

Asparagus boosts sexual arousal and orgasm. The low carb content in Asparagus qualifies it as perfect keto-friendly food. In my list of Low Carb Foods for Vegetarians, Asparagus qualifies as the best food for the keto diet.


There are still many other zero carb foods, but that’s it for today. Stay safe and healthy in this current state of the world. Let us know what are your go to keto foods in the comments below.

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