Low calorie Fruits and Vegetables

Are you too in the race of staying fit and getting healthy?? Are you also just a
fruit and vegetable freak?
If yes, then congratulations you have taken a better step in the road of life.
But do you know that all fruits and vegetables that you consume might not help you much in achieving your goal?

Yes, some fruits and vegetables contain very high calories and may not be helpful for
you to maintain that per day calorie count.
But worry no! Here I have brought you a list of all those fruits and vegetables that contain low calories!!
Exited to know more?
So, let’s dive in!!

What are calories??

Before going into the higher details let’s know what calories exactly mean.
A calorie is basically a unit of energy. The way our vehicles need fuel like petrol
and diesel to function, in the same way, our bodies need this fuel called calorie
which burns to provide us energy to work all day long. If our calorie consumption
is more than what is needed i.,e. If we burn lesser calories than what we
consume, we end up gaining weight. So, it is highly recommended to have a
balanced calorie intake.

How many calories do I daily require?

Well, the amount of calorie that you should consume in a day largely depends on
your age, sex, weight, height, amount of physical activities etc. It may happen
that one person sits and works in the office for 8 – 10 hours while other take
dance classes for 7-8 hours a day. The calorie consumption needs of the two will
be very different. To still take a rough amount, the average calorie consumption
of a man should be around 2,700 kcal and that of women should be 2,200 kcal.

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Low calorie fruits

Fruit are richer in carbohydrates as compared to fruits because they contain
natural sugars. But this does not mean that you avoid all of them. Some fruits
are rich in fiber and water content, thus making them healthy to eat.

1. Apples

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. This saying is very true.
Apples are damn nutritious and are popular worldwide. One cup of apple slices contains around 57calories and 3g fiber.

Fresh apple

An interesting fact is that your body needs to burn fat to digest apple. So, the resultant calorie consumption may
be lesser then mentioned.

2. Watermelon

As the name suggests this fruit contains lots of water and thus is very perfect for eating.
Choice of the summer season, watermelon contains 7.55g of carbohydrate per 100g of fruit. It fools your tummy by
making it feel full. It contains Vitamin A as well.

3. Avocados

The fruit is a really good friend of your heart.

sliced Avocado

Yeah! It’s a fruit and that too a low calorie fruit that contains only 8.6g of carbohydrate per 100
g of fruit. It also contains monosaturated fats.

4. Peach

Isn’t it a bit surprising to see this fruit in this list? But amazingly
peaches only contain around 9.5 g of carbohydrates per 1oo g of the fruit.
Though being sweet and juicy, it is rich in fiber and thus deserves a respectable
position on your plate.

5. Strawberries

You must have felt so happy seeing this fruit here, right?
Well, the good news is that the strawberries being a favorite fruit of mass
have only 7.6g of carb per 100g of fruit.

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bowl of strawberries

The fruit can be eaten and served in many ways. Though they have fewer carbs they are rich in vitamin C.
To your knowledge, your favorite strawberries are also a great source of potassium.

Low Calorie Vegetables

The fruits list must have had made you happy. Well, as compared to fruits,
vegetables have low carbs. The simple rule here is more water content and less
carb content makes the vegetable eligible for your plate. Check the list below to
nominate the best ones the next time you have the meal.

1. Cucumbers

Cucumbers are really refreshing and popular diet vegetable mostly found in a salad. Is it true?
Has your salad plate ever been complete without cucumbers?

cut cucumber

The good part is that for now, you don’t have to disturb your salad plate as cucumbers are rich
in water content and only have 2.16g per 100g of the vegetable.

Do you have the habit of peeling the cucumber and then eating it?
If so the figure may be slightly different for you that is 3.63g per 100 g of vegetable.
Even then it remains the best choice!

2. Tomatoes

The second most important part of the salad plate, tomato
contains 3.8g per 100g of fruit/vegetable.

Fresh Red Tomatoes

Yes, some people consider that tomato is a fruit while others believe that it is a vegetable. Whatever it
may be but it is delicious as well as healthy.

3. Mushrooms

A type of fungi, mushrooms contain just 3.26g per 100g. Not
only that they have low cholesterol, low sodium and are also fat-free.
Though some may be poisonous a lot of them are healthy too.

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4. Spinach

This reminds me of Popeye, the sailor man. He used to eat
spinach whenever he needed energy and he had actually researched well.
This green leafy vegetable is good for heart and blood.

Spinach bread

Not just this it contains 3.8g of carbohydrates per 100g of vegetable. There are multiple ways to eat spinach.
You can make them a part of your salad and eat it raw or you can even cook them and have with chapatti.

The Takeaway

Fruits and vegetables are an important part of our diet and are rich in water, fiber,
and mineral. A little carefulness about what to eat and how much to eat can
make our journey to achieve our fitness goals, easier and happier.

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